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15 Insane Posts Found In Facebook Parenting Groups

Some people are way too confident and comfortable online. Some people feel perfectly fine sharing some insanely intimate details about their lives, ones that could get them into serious trouble. One place where people feel weirdly comfortable is Facebook, specifically parenting groups. Parenting groups were made for parents to share and ask questions but some of them have turned into absolute dumpster fires.

It is so clear that some of these parents should not have kids at all, and we feel bad for their kids. The things they choose to share range from insane health practices to actual neglect, and it is all shocking. There is no end to the insanity that takes place in these groups, which is why there is a whole subreddit dedicated to exposing the people in them. Reddit users who have infiltrated these groups share the most delusional, insane, and out-of-touch posts they can find. Here are 15 crazy parents exposing their wild takes online for all to see.

This happened

Moms Top contribut I have to share what happened to me yesterday! We took my 7 year old to the dentist. It was his first successful visit and I was beyond nervous. I was explaining to the dentist that there has been multiple failed attempts in the past and that he has sensory processing issues and to please ve gentle and go super slow. He wasn't very familiar with sensory processing.. put his tools down.. and said "I have to ask.." and then he Imade a shot motion with his arm. "Has he had all of his vaccines?.." "I ask because I read and research alot and these vaccines are really destroying these kids. Autism, allergies, behavior issues, cancer, mind control" I told him my kids were 100% unjabbed and he praised me and thanked me for doing my research and being an advocate for my children. This was a totally mainstream dentist - it made me feel so good that so many people are waking up! 51 Like Top comments ✓ ☐ Comment Send

Do you even like your kid?

Anonymous member. 8h. What do you do with a 15 year old daughter that doesn't want to get off of her and get a job? We have taken her phone away except for her to apply to places for a job but all she wants to do is sit around watching bogus TikTok videos all day. Literally living in our house like a slob and not helping at all with anything demanding "what's for dinner?" She bugged the out of me all school year because she wanted to get a job but she was miserably failing at every single class so I said she could get a job this summer. In the 27 days she has been out of school she has applied to ONE place and just keeps calling the ONE place with no results. She won't get up, make a list of places that she wants to try and apply to. I told her that I would take her all over Calvert wherever she wants to go and apply but nothing...she can't get off of TikTok long enough or out of every one else's business. I cannot stand this behavior. She doesn't need a therapist or counselor so please don't suggest that. I will not entertain her laziness. There's nothing wrong with her she was just at the doctors 2 weeks ago. I checked her phone and her BF said that he needs a break and I don't blame him because he doesn't want a girl that he has to babysit or support when he's out there busting his working 2 jobs while she's sitting around doing absolutely nothing. What gets me the most is that she is a little liar. She is going to tell me I applied to a lot of places. So I asked who she called (on Saturday) and she said I tried Chik-Fila but they were closed so I'm going to try them again on Monday. She doesn't even know what day it is and she doesn't put in any effort. We have told her that you put in to life what you want out of life and she doesn't care. She has just turned into this lazy entitled do nothing and she doesn't want to do anything extracurricular during the school year. She really can't because she fails every single class. She has no friends because she acts like she is better than everyone else and no one wants to deal with her attitude. Been out of school 27 days and her so called friends.....not one person has called to hang out or anything. Does anyone else have a child like this because I am about to lose my Send wine You and 4 others 39 comments

Because the baby is full of toxins

Anonymous member 1h . Looking for recommendations on detox for a 18 month old baby has someone used anything for detox my baby doesn't sleep well and I see he has dark under his eyes... Like Q Comment 1 Send

Maybe don't share that

I have a 21 year age gap between my 08/2000 and 10/2021 kiddo and a 23 year age gap between my 08/2000 and 06/2023 baby I would have also been a grandma on Feb 2022 however my daughter terminated the pregnancy. 9h Like Reply 3 D

Totally not evil

My husband has a 12 year old son and we have a daughter together. We are expecting our second child together. We live in a 3 bedroom home and I'm feeling a bit upset at the fact that my second child will not have a room of their own. My step son only lives with us half of the time. Hence his bedroom is only used when he is with us. Is it wrong of me to feel like we shouldn't have a bedroom set up for him and give the room Up for my second child? Why should we have a whole Bedroom set up for only part time use? Please be kind. I am looking for advice from both perspectives. Thank you all. Update: Thank you all for the advice and your personal opinions. I appreciate it all. To be clear I am in no way an evil step Mother. I am hormonal and having mixed emotions about alot of things and this happened to be one of the things I've been feeling uneasy about unfortunately. I am not going to kick him out of his room or much less mention this to my husband. Figured I'd let you all have at it with me on here instead lol. I am not a heartless person to make a child feel unwelcome or uncomfortable in any way. 128 340 comments

Someone's mad

Came here to vent about BUSY BODY Mom's who have nothing better to do than point out how this car seat insert "isn't safe". Every time I see someone post a pic of one in an UNRELATED POST, I see at least one comment about it. FIRST OFF) GUESS WHAT NO ONE F YOU. ASKED SECONDLY) Regardless of whether or not you think you're helping, you don't know people's situations. THIRD) They wouldn't sell them if they weren't tested and or recommended by SOMEONE. And sometimes a Mom can't afford a $400 car seat that already has inserts. FOUR) It's ALSO not safe to let their tiny head bobble around. So sometimes you have to make a choice between what's worse. Isn't something better than nothing?? Ε **IT IS MOM SHAMING AND YOU ARE A BUSY BODY WHO NEEDS TO MIND YOUR BUSINESS. Ugh. Thanks. I feel better. Here's a pic of my baby in this car seat flipping you off. You're welcome. And to the same busy body h, I know his chest straps aren't in the right place, I hadn't finished before I had to stop and take this picture. GO F YOURSELF. GRACO SIDE IMPACT TESTED

So dumb

When will my child magically learn to read? contrib Our 31, 2023- Has anyone unschooled a child who organically learned to read/write on their own like a child who naturally teaches themselves how to stand and walk? And at what age did this happen please? My child is 8.5 and i recently went to a homeschool event where a reading tutor expressed her disappointment that i missed the window and now my child will struggle I was under the impression that my child would naturally learn as her desire grew as with all things in this human life. But would love some anecdotes to support us in this unschool journey. Thanks! Thank you! 70 189 comments

This is weird

Alright Ladies... ages 18-21 My oldest son is about to head off to college in the fall. He plays and writes his own music as well as absolutely loves Ed Sheeran. I've told him the ladies would surely appreciate a man who is secure in his masculinity and isn't bashful to play a Taylor Swift cover or two.... He's my Swiftie Supporter... we alternate Swift and Sheeran on long car rides! 100 So I have 2 questions for you 1. Men Swifties are HOT 2. What 2 songs would be impressive to you if a man were randomly playing in a common area on campus? Mom☺☺✔

They can't be serious

We are on vacation in another country. My 18 year old son decided to hold a monkey on the beach. The monkey ended up biting him in the chin. When we got back to the resort they asked if we need a doctor and mentioned a rabies protocol... we are heading home tomorrow. We washed with soap and water. Would you do the rabies cupcake if this happened to your child?? Nervous over here. Included picture of my son and the monkey.

Seems safe

E kids electric blanket turns off after 1 hour.........not anymore I took out the triac that the microprocessor used to switch off the blanket. I just took it out and shorted the drain and source pins with a solder blob. Now the bed actually gets WARM Fenici

Poor kid

4 My sons wanted to have some friends over (he's 16) and I told him that he had to pay me 80 dollars so I could have money to buy the extra food for them. He got mad at me and stormed off. He invited them over and they all JUST finally left. I went in his room asking for 60 since they only stayed for 3 meals (last night dinner, breakfast, and lunch. Today's dinner was part of his birthday party so they didn't get charged) He started to yell at me how unfair it is. I asked my husband what he thought (this is my son's first time having friends over. He usually just went to his rich friends house. He's recently made new friends) and my husband agreed with me and also went to ask my son for the money. When he went in my son acted to be sleeping, so my husband just left. My son's father just texted me going off. Now I'm worried I did something wrong? ✓ Like 75 All comments ✓ Comment Yes, you did something wrong. 1d Like Reply ISTE What the actual.. 1d Like Reply This can't be for real. 1d Like Reply Send 7 b 2b 3b Rules Write a comment... GIF

What a thing to share to Facebook

Bay At Home Anonymous member 16m • Yall I'm at the hospital and she's fine...but my baby fell 4 ft out of a windows! OD 18 ☑ 38 comments

I am speechless

HELP! I'm a ftm and I feel like a | bc my 6 month old has fallen off the bed 5 times already !! We've been cosleeping since he was around 2 months old. He fell off the first time a couple weeks ago, maybe 3 weeks ago and it was while we were sleeping as soon as I picked him up and consoled him, he stopped crying. This makes me believe the fall startled him awake and scared him. We have laminated flooring. And my bed is lower than other beds but still. This scared me badly and I immediately took my mattress off the frame. We've been sleeping on my mattress on the floor since then. Second time was at his dads house. also happened while we slept. Same bed frame height as mine. They have carpet though. Since then, he's fallen off my mattress that's on the floor so it's not a big fall but still it's happened. I've surrounded my mattress with pillows and his tummy time mat. He JUST fell for the FIFTH time this morning onto his tummy time mat and of course he cried and of course I feel so guilty and like s✪. FIVE times already? and all in the span of a couple weeks. Nothing with him has been out of the ordinary his development and behavior has been the same. No bumps or lumps or bruises or anything like that. Because he's slept with me since 2 months old, I don't know how it'll be if I transfer him to a crib. Is this normal he's fallen off my mattress that's on the floor so it's not a big fall but still it's happened. I've surrounded my mattress with pillows and his tummy time mat. He JUST fell for the FIFTH time this morning onto his tummy time mat and of course he cried and of course I feel so guilty and like s◆. FIVE times already? and all in the span of a couple weeks. Nothing with him has been out of the ordinary his development and behavior has been the same. No bumps or lumps or bruises or anything like that. Because he's slept with me since 2 months old, I don't know how it'll be if I transfer him to a crib. Is this normal him falling SO many times ???? I feel like a horrible mother and even starting to think am I being neglectful by letting it happen this many times ?? I understand things happen and babies are resilient but now I'm really starting to get concerned. Like did I mess him up for life with these falls idk I haven't taken him to the doctor for these issues because I know cosleeping isn't recommended and I'm feeling ashamed now. But like I said, his behavior has been the same and nothing different or concerning, besides the obvious. Has any other mom dealt with this? How do you cosleep after they learn to roll and move so much Pic of my sweet boy for attention!

Oh good, a high chair as a car seat

1d That is NOT a car seat 3h Like Reply 2 Send a gift Like Q Comment Send Share 30 It's Whatever We Make it Thank You for Your Concern. He is Safe 32m Like Reply if I'm not mistaken it's a high chair that you sit on a kitchen chair? 1h Like Reply whatever we want with it It's a 5 in 1 and we do Thank You Tho→ 31m Like Reply Some those straps won't protect him in a crash. He will fly right through those. You should be able to get a car seat that fits him and his needs. Depending on his weight he may still need to be rear facing. My 10 year old has CP and we were able to get her one through her insurance which was great because general stores dont make adaptive car seats. It takes a while to get approved but def... See more 24m Like Reply 1 | Appreciate Your Concern He did get one ordered. We are waiting for it. He will not sit in another one but the chair is strapped down real good and then he is in the chair and strapped →→ The car was not moving so you can't see him buckled how we have him buckled 16m Like Reply

That'll work

Does anyone in or nearby own a kangen water machine? Looking to water share. Trying to heal my daughter's eczema. 3 comments ✓ Like Comment Send

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