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15 'LinkedIn Lunatics' Exposing Their Insanity Online

The one place you would expect people to be mature and professional on the internet is actually full of insane people, for some reason. This place was made for working individuals to connect. It is for bosses and companies to share information about their companies and their work. As it turns out though, many of the people on here are actually rather out-of-touch, and like to share their insane takes on work and life with the world. They think that there should be no work-life balance, that people should just work till they drop, essentially.

They make remote work seem like the worst thing ever, and in general, they are just a little tone-deaf. Reddit's shaming subreddit /r/linkedinlunatics is used to expose these hustle culture individuals who just don't know when to stop. So here are 15 LinkedIn lunatics spreading their odd agendas and wild thoughts online for all to see.

Talk about burnout

Shantanu Deshpande • 2nd Founder CEO at Bombay Shaving Company | Ambassador at Olymp... + Follow 1h. Edited ⚫ → When you are 22 and new in your job, throw yourself into it. Eat well and stay fit, but put in the 18 hour days for at least 4-5 years. I see a LOT of youngsters who watch random content all over and convince themselves that 'work life balance, spending time with family, rejuvenation bla bla' is important. It is, but not that early. That early, worship your work. Whatever it is. The flex you build in the first 5 years of your career carries you for the rest of it. Don't do random rona-dhona. Take it on the chin and be relentless. You will be way better for it.

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10 masters degrees

9:47 7 Fabian Teichmann • 3rd+ Attorney-at-Law | Public Notary | Dr. iur. | Dr. rer. pol. | LL.M. 1w. + Follow Just graduated from Harvard University once again! Today, I earned my 10th master's degree and the third one from Harvard. Many ask why I didn't stop studying after obtaining my second PhD. The answer is simple: I believe in continuous development. In a constantly changing world, I want my team to keep improving and broadening their perspectives. As such, to lead by example, I continuously challenge myself to become a better version of myself. Each degree I earned has been instrumental in building my companies. Let's take a quick look at my educational journey to understand why completing these degrees has been more than just a hobby. After graduating from Institut auf dem Rosenberg, I pursued an undergraduate degree in economics and finance from Università Bocconi in Milan. My profound understanding of economics and finance has been essential in leading the financial aspects of my companies. At 18 years of age, I spent a summer at Harvard studying leadership and public speaking. Encouraged by Dean Michael Shinagel, I began a master's degree in general management at Harvard, laying the foundation for my career as a management consultant. At 20, I completed my undergraduate degree at Bocconi and moved back to Switzerland to pursue a master's degree in accounting and finance at the Universität St.Gallen (HSG) while finishing my first master's degree at Harvard. This dual focus helped me launch my first company, Teichmann International AG. Realizing the need for legal expertise, I pursued a master's degree in law at the University of St. Gallen, + Home My Network Post Notifications Jobs

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That did not happen

Sean Ward. 2nd Executive VP CBRE | SoCal Industrial 1w. + Follow "Dad, sometimes if I get a bad grade on a test I imagine that I'm floating up in the sky and then I can see that everyone is like tiny ants on a planet spinning in a ginormous galaxy in the middle of nowhere and I realize it doesn't even matter." Tell me where he's wrong. I will be incorporating this wisdom into my life.

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This has to be a joke

won Mark A. Samuel • 1st Founder and CEO at IWON Organics | Health and Wellness 41m No shampoo, soap and deodorant has served me well for the last year but as the summer heat is coming around, I'm open to try a natural deodorant, if there's one you recommend. Now, admittedly, I naturally smell like flowers, but it may be time I dip my toe back into the game. 3,2,1.... give me your favorite deodorant brand - no chemical laden stuff, please. #IDontLikeRubbing PoisonInMySkin #SmellingLikeAFlowerSinceBirth #DontBeAHater #MySkinHas Never Been SoSmooth #ReadTheLabels CG❤ 9 39 comments

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Just HR things

2nd + Follow HR Director at Wife || Ex-boAt || Ex-Merkle || Ex- Good Glamm Group 4d. → HR Isn't Perfect. We're employees, and we're human too! A fellow HR professional left me a comment saying, "I go to therapy and vent where I can because we all have to appear perfect on the surface. We aren't allowed to have faults, make mistakes, or struggle. When we do, people lose trust in us because they see we are only human and we do make mistakes." I agree. 100 HR is always held to a HIGHER standard, more so than any other role or department. HR

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Candidates are the problem

Kate McKenzie. 3rd+ Matching problem solvers and quota... 23h- + Follow 22 candidates interviewed and not one of them was the right fit. My team just got started on an SDR search with a client who had interviewed 22 candidates, 0 hires. The biggest reason they passed on each of them? Candidates were only asking about PTO and WFH policies. Job Seekers: Interviewers learn more about you from the questions YOU ask, than any answer you give. It tells them what's important to you and if you did any research/prep prior to your interview. Yes, interviewing is a two-way street, but your questions shouldn't solely focus on what's in it for you. Explain how you can add value and solve problems first, then uncover how they reward employees who do. P.S - Glassdoor, RepVue, Comparably, etc can probably tell you what the benefits, WFH policies, etc. look like if it's not in the job description. CoO 213 181 comments • 8 reposts

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Choose your hard

Alvin Foo⚫ 3rd+ Venture Partner, Co-Founder, Advisors & 2d-> Choose your 'hard' wisely + Follow ... Marriage is hard. Divorce is hard. Choose your hard. Obesity is hard. Being fit is hard. Choose your hard. Being in debt is hard. Being financially disciplined is hard. Choose your hard. Communication is hard. Not communicating is hard. Choose your hard. Life will never be easy. It will always be hard. But we can choose our hard. Pick wisely.

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They like being on the subreddit

Reddit, Inc. 354,215 followers 45m Have you ever worried your lengthy post would end up on r/LinkedinLunatics? The author can see how you vote. Learn more Every day Never No, but now I am... 268 votes 1w left GC 28 5 comments 1 repost Like Comment Repost Send Reactions Comments POPENTOWORK Most relevant ☑ Smita Philip (She/Her) 3rd+ 28m Sr Technical Recruiter | Lean Six Sigma Recruit... It's nice to be on lunatics..a lot of the people who take time to screenshot and post on there are the ones who I wouldn't hire... following

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That's an intense selfie

Kholin Lourenço • 2nd Senior Talent Partner at DocuSign 6d. Edited.→ How am I at the gym in the middle of the day on a Monday not on lunch and without taking PTO? My colleagues and I are enjoying one of the four company days off we receive each year-just one of the many perks of working at Docusign. If you're looking for great benefits and a rewarding career, check out our career page and make your mark!

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Turn on your camera, I guess

Ali Merchant • 3rd+ Executive coach | Leadership advisor | Former Head of L&D 2d Edited.① + Follow My employee would never turn on their camera. It would frustrate to me no end. One month went by... No camera Two months went by... No camera Three months in, and now I can't take it. In a lapse of judgment, I snap... "How come you never turn on your camera?" Their response. "Oh... I didn't know I had to." They were correct. I never set clear expectations. I just *assumed* they'd figured it out on their own.... because everyone else did. Lesson: Make the implicit, explicit. If you expect your team to do something, *tell them your expectations*

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The comment checks out

#science #research #PhD #mentalhealth Jeremy Lee Miner @JeremyLeeMiner I wake up at 5 am. Hit the gym at 5:30 am. Read several pages of a book before 7 am. By 8 am I'm in the office. Work until 5 pm. Check emails at 9 pm. I'm in bed by 10 pm. I could retire and play golf all day. But I'm fueled by purpose, not leisure. CC 1,323 Like Comment 101 comments • 45 reposts Repost Send Simon Schultz • Following Professor of Neurotechnology at Imperial College London This is what's called Toxic Positivity. Call it out and get it gone.

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HR posts chat after candidate decides not to join

HIRING Shweta Malik. 2nd An aspiring HR professional with a ... 2h. Edited⚫→ Hello #connections + Follow I want to share one incident that just happened with us, it can be happen to any #HR, so i am sharing the concern with my linkedin family. We just hired one candidate from APPUP Aastha Garg She was supposed to join us from 27 May Look what she has done by making us fool. Also, I request to all the HR's please before sharing the offer letter verify the background first for the employees that we should wait for completing their notice period of one month. This can be happen with anyone of us. Be safe And This is the reason why people stop trusting candidates. #fraud 57 个 回 C<+ Aastha Offer Letter (TBM Groups) External Inbox x ง Fri, Apr 26, 1:03 PM ☆ Hey Aastha, Greetings of the day! The TBM Group is excited that you are selected for the position of Affiliate Manager. We wou.. HR TBM HR A + Aastha Garg Tue, Apr 30, 5:08 PM ☆ ← to me, Sapna, Vipin, TrackBack, Finance ▾ Hello Team, Thanks for sharing the offer letter. I accept the offer letter and look forward to joining the team. I will also update you with the SS of my resignation from my current company in a day or two. Mark this email as my confirmation to join the company. Thank you Aastha HR TBM HR Thanks for the update. Astrid Burg OT online Aastha Garg APPUP okay 11:09AM W Hey Aastha Good morning, Which date I have to mentioned in your letter of joining? 11:38 AM Have you decided anything? 11:00 AM Hey! 11:00 AM You can mention 29th MAY but for sure | will try to join before this 11:37 AM I was about to call you 11:00 AM Glad you texted me 11:00 AM okay 11:37 AM H Any reference for sales also. 11:37 AM Not yet 11:38 AM Tue, Apr 30, 5:28 PM ☆ 31 a 0 online 2. Aadhe Thu, 25 Apr 3. Pan Card 4. Bank passbook details 5. Last 3 months salary slips relieving letter would take time, rest I can share 5:24 м + no problem 5:21PM Share all the documents on- and in cc add +6 accounts finance@thi PM ok 5:26PM Yes, I am good to go, On Monday will drop my resignation over here 11:00 AM In the meantime, you can share the offer letter and let me know what all details you want from my end. 11:01 AM 13:00 AM ok should I share the offer letter so you can also be confirmed. 11:01 AM Hey 3:03 PM okay 11:38 AM Hey 3:01 PM Sure dear 5:26PM Meena needs to discuss few things with you on call. She is the head of the Mobile team here, yesterday she was absent. 3:03PM by what time she can call you for the same. yeah sure 11:01AM please share your mail id. 11:01 Sure, when can we connect? 3:04PM > will share in sometime Hey 8:31PM 5:26 M I have shared the details, please check and let me know 6:31PM If anything needed let me know will share heer 6:32 PM Yes, and let me share Shweta's number 142 how about now? 58 comments • 4 reposts

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Why is this on LinkedIn?

Workplace trauma lawyer. Employer abuse... 20m I'm begging you, please don't post "before and after" photos of your weight loss. 1) it's extremely fat phobic 2) it can make some folks feel bad about their own weight 3) those commenting congrats, etc are perpetuating fat phobia. 4) you are likely to gain the weight back anyway and 5) who cares? Sure, post about your fabulous current look without doing harm to others! 6 2 comments

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Christian Nellemann • 3rd+ Entrepreneur, Founder of XLN, Non Exec, Investor, Mentor and Advisor. 2h⚫ Don't let WFH ruin your life and career. It is now very clear that if you work from home, your career is effectively over. Follow You are not visible in the workplace, you are not improving your work-related skills, you are not learning from more senior people about how to navigate and operate within a company. And so your value to a business has stalled. You are never going to get promoted and your job has become nothing more than an hourly output per pound equation. Of course that might suit you if you are in your 50s and just want to earn a bit of money on the side and get a better work-life balance. But if you are in your 20s and 30s, WFH is the absolute death knell for your career. Just as devastatingly, WFH means that your personal development as a human being has effectively stalled too. If you are not spending time around people at work, you lose the ability to connect, to interact and to learn from them. That will cause you to go into a decline and you will become increasingly isolated and introverted, and probably gain a lot of weight. That's great for pharmaceutical companies, who will happily sell you all kinds of weight loss products and anti- depressants. But it is terrible for you as a person. Humans are pack animals. We need connection with other people, and we thrive on each other's enthusiasm, ideas, positivity, and interaction. The creativity and productivity that a team of people can generate compared to someone working on their own is off the scale. It is one plus one equals five. I understand all the arguments against commuting to work. It is boring and laborious and you would much rather spend that time eating chicken nuggets and watching Netflix. I get that. I also understand that some businesses have a toxic work environment. But that is not an excuse to hide away at home – just find yourself another job. For your own sake, please stop thinking that work from home is a good idea, because it is the exact opposite. It is quite literally the worst thing that could ever happen to anyone. And if you don't stop doing it now, one day you will deeply regret it.

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100 hours a week

■ VZW Wi-Fi 7:33 AM Armand Farrokh • 3rd+ Founder of 30 Minutes to President's Club | ex-VP Sales x P... 15h. + Follow My good friend is working 100 hour weeks as a lawyer. So I asked him: "Dude, are you okay?" His answer below made me stop feeling sorry for myself whenever I have to work hard. It's like I'm in wrestling season. Do I want to go out? Of course. Do I want to eat pizza? Of course. But I want to win the wrestling tournament more. And I knew that when I committed to a grueling 3 months of weight cutting and competition at the beginning of the season. Every time I have to work a 14 hour day, I see one associate complain and another quit. Instead, I look at it as my opportunity to get ahead. Wrestling season doesn't last forever. This state of work won't last forever. But I'm committed to making partner and that comes first. Am I suggesting you work 100-hour weeks yourself? Absolutely not. This post is for the folks who are CHOOSING to go after something that requires extreme sacrifice that .01% of people achieve: --> Making Partner --> Being the #1 producer at your company --> Taking a startup from zero to IPO If you're trying to do something exceptional, then every second that you spend complaining should be spent reminding yourself that... It's good when it gets hard because that's when other people are dropping out of the race. Otherwise, you should ask yourself. Is the gold medal really worth it? Good morning, it's Monday. Go eat your week alive. Today someone will drop out of your race.

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