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15 Major Headaches From The Job Search Process

Looking for a job is no easy feat these days. It takes a lot of time and work to find a job and it's become more and more difficult over the years. These days it seems like every company is hiring but no one is actually being hired, it's some strange and unfortunate phenomenon. There are many reasons people are having a hard time finding a job. From a poor salary to insane interviews, to bosses that are massive red flags, there are tons of things coming in between the unemployed and their dream jobs.

It really is just a massive headache out there for so many people. This time of the year there are so many new graduates needing jobs as well, which just makes it that much more difficult. People who are unemployed or looking for a new job can share their woes on Reddit as a form of connection, to show that everyone is having a hard time. So here are 15 of those posts from people who really need a job.

Makes sense

Hiring multiple candidates Master Electrician Service Ma E, VT 05 о Ο Σ $20 - $35 an hour Health insurance Paid time off Vision insuranc... Full-time 8 hour shift Overtime pay Easily apply Active 5 days ago New Apprentice Electrician $30 - $40 an hour Full-time 8 hour shift Easily apply Active 4 days ago □ > о

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Too real

So when I said the company was hiring, I didn't necessarily mean now.

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What kind of questionnaire is this?

Section 3: "You" Descriptor Choose three descriptors that are LEAST LIKE YOU and three that are MOST LIKE YOU. You can only choose three on each side and you can't choose most and least for the same descriptor. Choose Three LEAST LIKE YOU 0000000000 Dim Unimaginative Irritable Unemotional Selfish Sloppy Shy Nervous Unexcitable Inconsistent Back Next Choose Three MOST LIKE YOU 0000000000

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Over a holiday weekend too

Thanks for your interest in Fovus job positions. To move forward with your application, could you please implement a small project within 3 days? Your deadline for submission is 23:59 Jul 7, 2024. The project instruction is at We look forward to your demo and code submission! No reply for this notification. Thank you.

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OP got this after the onboarding process

Today 8:11 AM Hi good morning, sorry but unfortunately u not gonna get hired for now, the business is slowl and I'm not able to hire Moore people

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Candidate Questions Candidate Questions Please answer the following questions: * Required field. Are you a member of any terrorist or militant organization?* Make a Selection -

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10 minutes to interview

I'm sorry but I have to cancel our interview this afternoon. We are hiring a former employee who got back to us very recently. The position is no longer available. I do not want to waste your time. If you agree, I will keep your information in case of future opportunities. I hope you will find a wonderful opportunity very soon. Have a great day

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Isn't AI great?

Dani Hi ! I'm Dani, the virtual scheduling assistant for DaVita. I'm here to help you schedule your 30 minute phone interview. Do any of these times work? Below times are in: EDT 1. Wednesday, July 10 at 02:30 PM 2. Wednesday, July 10 at 03:00 PM Jul 3, 2024 at 10:09 AM Okay, I'm here to help if you have any other questions. Davita. No Other interview times I'm sorry, I don't have an exact time for you. If you're a good fit, someone from recruiting will reach Type a message Send

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Gotta retaliate sometimes

< Hotel Front Desk Agent Holiday Inn Express Sunnyvale 2 . HR Ellishospitality • 2:24 pm Hello Queen Thank you for applying to the Hotel Front Desk Agent position at Holiday Inn Express Sunnyvale. Could you please provide more information around your experience and why you think you'd be a good fit for this position? Thank you! ⚫ You • 2:41 pm Hello! I applied in April and submitted my resume and you want me to interview over a message several months later? Why would you be a good employer to work for? For a job that pays less than McDonald's. I'm not interested. Sent Write your message U Send

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Is this the new standard?

5h-> | Mentor + Follow Interviewed 12 AEs in June. One stood out before we even met. What'd they do? They emailed me before the interview. Here's the dead simple outline: - Why they were interested - What questions they wanted to cover - 2 bullet points on relevant experience - 1 thing they read about Asana they wanted to cover. Looking to standout? It starts before the interview. ceo 37 others 17 comments

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Manager telling us we are family Me who has applied to 30 other families this week

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Do they or don't they care about a degree?

Musts: - Live in Florida, Ohio, Indiana, Arizona, Utah or Texas - Associate degree completed - Must be able to pass financial background check (have clean financial history) - Ability to begin work on 9/25/2023 * no job hoppiness * they will want to know why they have gaps on their resume or why they left quickly from a company. Education Requirements: • • • IF Bachelor's Degree - anything except sciences (like biology) and healthcare degrees IF HS Diploma - they need to have come from a call center or helpdesk type job where they can speak to their attention to detail and working through a process. No job hoppiness. IF Masters Degree - only education or social work MS degrees, I have been advised to tread lightly sending over candidates with masters degrees.

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Pay: From $1.00 per year Supplemental pay types: • Commission pay Application question(s): • Have you passed the Real Estate Exam? If not, when is your exam date? • Have you registered for or completed the Applied Practice Course Component 1 & 2?

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How is this allowed?

Digital Media Specialist Epic Epic Cleveland, OH 2 weeks ago 21 applicants On-site Full-time Associate 10,001+ employees Software Development 7 school alumni work here Skills: Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Communication, +8 more ✗See how you compare to 21 applicants. Try Premium for $0 Am I a good fit for this job? How can I best positio Apply ✔ Save About the job Please note that this position is based on our campus in Madison, WI, and requires relocation to the area. We recruit nationally and provide financial relocation assistance. Epic is looking for a digital media specialist to join our team. Blaze the trail with work that ensures that our digital brand and online presence is the best it can be and is consistent with the philosophy and messaging we strive to communicate to the public and our community members.

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Apply now R Send me your high school grades or how you are smart.....just might pick you :) Job Type: Full-time Pay: $12.00 $14.00 per hour Schedule: Monday to Friday Experience: • Accounting: 1 year (Required) KLhKosOk7aZmU3AqnB2xY Dxo27sxWafjelqDRurMV9Imumc2Zb62ypYnwDyrM8gSnRUh1YdZTIkF6hTg0GElfWu-OD_JX60DYq4i2XA2jmQBG...

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