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15 Obvious Jokes That Didn't Land With Some Folks

It's always embarrassing to not be in on a joke. It's one of those moments that happens to everyone where you just wish it'll pass without anyone noticing. Not being in on a joke is so unfortunate when it happens in real life, somehow it is even worse when it happens online. On the internet these interactions last forever. Honestly, sometimes it seems like these people are doing it on purpose to look smart because some of the jokes being missed are just way too obvious.

It's like they have never even heard a joke before, and for whatever reason they think everything online is serious. It's a really cringeworthy thing to see and there is so much of it to be seen on Reddit's /r/woooosh. This subreddit is made for exposing all of those people who let a super obvious joke fly right over their heads, seemingly on purpose. Here are just 15 of those people who just didn't get the joke.

I hope it's a joke

juju $@ayeejuju .7h OPEN THE SCHOOLS IMMEDIATELY zuzu™S | << tortured poet >>> @zu... .3d doctor: you have 249 minutes to live me: Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour > Running time 2h 49m 100 17644 17.9K ili 665K ☐ %

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Fellow cologne drinkers rise up

15 hours ago "smells very nice but the taste is disappointing :(" W dude in case you didn't know, we spray perfume to the body and/or clothes. People don't drink it. Stop using drugs. 13 share

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How dare he spoil this?

1d What's MU anyway? I hear it a lot here and don't. know what it means. ⠀ +63 d Black Pakari Matoran Universe. You know how Mata Nui is a giant robot and everyone was living inside him? Yeah, the world inside the Mata Nui robot is called the Matoran Universe, or MU for short. 14h DUDE! SPOILERS! 14h Black Pakari It's been 15 years... Add a comment ||| 14 1 13

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r/bywords 51m I don't know how this is a flex in this persons eyes? If alcohol was the one that was banned instead of weed then a lot of people would have had memories of hungry stoned father's instead of angry drunk ones. 山 Share 2048 33708 BEST COMMENTS Join ADD A COMMENT Pffft, I don't need weed or booze to be a terrible father. + 82 B 3 Д D

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What is going on?

к Q : ↑ Comments Comments on 'Mfs in 2999BC:' Hammer was invented in 3000 BC MFs in 2999 BC: Wrong, it should be 3001 BC this doesn't make any sense 57K Highlighted reply Dislike I actually understood this joke, it's BC ik how it works, I just played all y'all like a fiddle bro, and nah idgaf abt attention it's just funny to see y'all mfs so pressed over if some poor kid didn't learn BC or AC yet 9,139 ¡ubscribe Remix Mfs in 2999BC: Midnight City - M83 Share @ cago bro is Schrödinger's idiot B 32 replies THE SHOULDERS ULTIMATE CHEST The Ultimate Push.. PUSH TRICEPS WORKOUT Jeff Nippard

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"Finders keepers losers weepers" -Sun Tzu 1K E a go "Dont believe fake quotes on the internet" - Abraham Lincoln 29 • 6h ago Je, the Internet wasn't made when he died B5 8

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They forgot

First rule of fight club 1d Reply First rule of what? 1d Reply What's fight club? 1d Reply 8,430 P 263 122 Q It's a Film 1d Reply 9 B

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Nothing gets past them

SPOKE TOMY EX AFTER 10 YEARS "MISS OR MRS?" HE ASKED "Dr. I SAID So are you married or nah? I'm a doctor! 873 ☐ 56 Д I need to know where her ex lives since he's been living rent free for 10 years Reply 1h did you mean to say "in her head"? Vote -1

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So close

G I remember seeing an article where someone named their son Zacian. Link. 3h Why can't you all behave? Reply 30 8 3 1h I think you are confused. Link is from Zelda, not Pokemon. But it's both owned by Nintendo, so it's not so far off. 1h 13 You do realize they were asking for the link to the article right? 1h Photosynthesis r/woooosh m -11 3

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3 days ago Is cute seeing Eminem supporting smaller rappers like Slim Shady 1.5K 3 days ago 8 Huh he is the slim shady?! ✓ 32

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Nah it's dedication

← Replies 2y ago Fun fact: Bill Nighy had to live into the abyss with polyps and crustaceans for 10 years in order to get the role of Davy Jones. What a talented actor. 9.6K 1y ago Bruh it's CGI

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Someone didn't read the whole comment

18h So you are selling something on FB and someone tried to low ball you? That seems really weird. Usually people on FB marketplace are willing to throw in extra cash for other people's stuff. Just kidding- If you sell something used on a website someone is going to try to low ball you. 17h Reply Д ✿ 1 ♡ You think it's weird that someone tries to low ball sellers on FBM? You don't sell much online, I take it? They low ball you all the time! It's light a reflex! 1

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r/facepalm 5h Is this real ..who are the 14M people that watched this wow.. HOWT BASIC How To Open a Locked Door With a Banana HowToBasic ⚫14M views • 7 years ago -1 21 5.2k ✓ Share 0:41

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Slipped a rare insult in there

28 172 OLDEST PERSON LIVING AT 116 YEARS 66 DAYS OLD AS OF 9 MARCH 2019 Replies Х month ago Fools, I was the youngest person on earth once. 510 33 Add a public reply... 25 1 month ago Everyone has 131 1 month ago (edited) ce it's a joke you cold corndog.

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Now the joke is ruined

Me after realizing I'm the ultimate hero because I have Batman's superpowers and Spider-Man's money 6d Batman had no superpowers tho Reply 6d O 722 congrats, you got the 3637 joke Reply 6d The joke is Batman has 1134 no superpowers and Spiderman is near broke Reply 6d

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