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15 Of The Worst Moments Of Premature Celebration

It's okay to be excited about something, it's good to be looking forward to something in a day, because life is not always that exciting. Unfortunately, though, things don't always work out the way we want them to, which is sad. Sometimes we are left disappointed by life and what it has to offer, even when it's something we thought was going to work out perfectly. That's why it's important to not celebrate things too early, don't count your chickens before they hatch, y'know?

Sometimes it just can't be helped though, we get too excited and then things go wrong, and that's what happened to the individuals on Reddit's /r/prematurecelebration. This subreddit is full of all the times people celebrated wins too early, and they ended up failing leaving them sad, embarrassed and swimming in the awkward moment. Here are 15 of the most cringeworthy moments of premature celebration from all around the world and the web.

She tried

Hillary Clinton @Hillary Clinton Happy birthday to this future president. 6:03 AM - Oct 26, 2016 13,004 52,555 107,640 Follow

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Aw man

OTO Toronto Blue Jays @Blue Jays 3h Weather update: Due to our stadium having a roof, today's game will be... Played as expected. 46 13269 1,728 Toronto Blue Jays @Bluejays Follow Tonight's game has been cancelled due to inclement weather causing damage to our roof. We apologize to our fans for this inconvenience. Further info for those with purchased tickets to the game will be shared shortly. Tomorrow's game will be a 3:07 p.m. traditional doubleheader 2:34 PM - 16 Apr 2018

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Never obsolete

emachines Online earth dist THIS NEVER OBSOLETE CHACHINES NETWORK Fastrable accepted by HCL/N the words chest left contested by Metage his you to the tobet o intel inside celeron Designed for Microsoft 566 MHz e etower 566 Intel Celeron Processor 64 128 15 На SDRAN 12 Cache A Sym COR etower 566ir GB CDRW 3D AGP 56K Mard Drive CD ReWritable Drive I KAM Max With Graphics sta Direct Ar USB and Game PORTS Fax Modem emachines

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Why do people do this?

oo AT&T 6:06 PM 36% < Tweet I'm not even a little worried @Patriots #OneMore SUPER LIBOML CHAMPIONS Reply to FaZe Banks , Home Notifications Moments Messages Me

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That's a shame

enris Dram 49m ago Just snuck into the movie theater Imao ㄱㄴ CHAT 7m ago mc amo ہے Got kicked out :/ CHAT く

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Your reign has ended

u It was recently brought to my attention that if you order on Door Dash then after go to "help" and say your entire order was missing, they'll give you a refund in door dash credit... Thank you Jaden and Angie for feeding my fat twice today for the price of one <3 5:39 PM Jan 23, 2020 Twitter Web App @DoorDash unblock my debit card please I promise not to scam you for free food ever again, I'm Hungrryyyyyyy 7:15 AM - Mar 2, 2020 - Twitter for iPhone 27

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Spoke too soon


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Good one

Take $150 out your Stimulus. Go get you a LLC. Now you own your own Business. Now go online and get the 5k small business grant(SBA). That's how you turn $150 into 5k. Now you have 5k and your own Business. Take out a credit card in your Business name. Use half then pay it off. Make your Business credit perfect. Everytime you spend a $1 file it under the Business. End of the yr file those Taxes. Pay those Taxes. Start living good. All off $150 Thank me later.. This is FREE GAME Replying to I work with the IRS. I investigate people who do this. You are breaking the law and will probably be audited before 2023. Thanks for the confession.

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Well this is awkward

10 hrs Like Comment DOW Got Engaged Yesterday Share and 18 others Congrats Like Reply 1. 10 hrs Really congratulations Like Reply 1-10 hrs Whoa calm down <--- The "fiance" Like Reply - 7 hrs Write a comment... [GIF] 告

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Wonder if she got her job back

CNBC EUROPE NEWS Reporter quits her job on air after mistakenly claiming lottery jackpot PUBLISHED TUE, DEC 24 2019.5:39 AM EST UPDATED TUE, DEC 24 2019.10:08 AM EST Q Natasha Turak @NATASHATURAK SHARE f in

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People Pinned Tweet People @people. Dec 28 Betty White Reveals Her Secrets to a Happy Life at 100: 'I'm So Lucky to Be in Such Good Health' SQUID GAME'S LEE JUNG-JAE My Unbelievable Ride and What's Next Keanu Reeves Carrie-Anne Moss On Their 24-Year Friendship Peop People Exclusive Interview January 10, 2007 241 HARRY MEGHAN Meet Baby Lili! Betty White Turns 100! 'Funny Never Gets Old' The comedy legend shares her secrets for happiness-and her celebrity crush Plus! Friends Ryan Reynolds, Carol Burnett, Sandra Bullock & more toast the Golden Girl 1 2.5K 15.6K

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That didn't go as planned

Great Britain @BritainAgain Just seen the @Welsh Government plans to force every child to learn welsh. There should be a vote on whether UK tax payers should keep subsidising a dead language. I'd suspect a high percentage of Welsh people would also vote to abolish learning it! Let's see what you think! #Welsh Abolish Welsh Maintain Welsh 2,579 votes 6 days 15 hours left 4% 96%

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True sadness

BLOCKBUSTER Blockbuster @blockbuster Tweet why you're leaving Netflix. The top three most creative tweets using #Goodbye Netflix will win a 1-year subscription to Blockbuster! . 7:55 AM Sep 22, 2011 Twitter Web Client

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NEW YORK POST New York Post ✔ @nypost DJ gets radio station tattoo on arm and is laid off a week later rTUgU21 923 WIL 2:40 PM 5/1/21 SocialFlow 923 WIL -

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10 10 johhnyblueEfc @JohhnyblueE 14h Going home happy! Finally! What a great game and excellent 2-0 win! I even made the earlier train 111 17572 @Everton 1,496 johhnyblueEfc @JohhnyblueE. 14h NO NO NO!! this is some sort of joke surely!!! I left literally on the 90th minute! how can this happen ΟΔΟ Premier League - 9 minutes ago AN Everton vs Newcastle United Photo via @GettySport Everton ④Newcastle United FC 1750 2 Final 2 169 бо

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