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15 Screenshots From The Weirdest Depths Of TikTok

TikTok as a platform has reached its maturity stage, now claiming its throne right next to big conglomerates in the social media space like Facebook and Instagram (which now fall under the same company, Meta). With its massive success, comes a massive user base, which brings about a problem of moderation. With over 1 billion monthly active users, it's almost impossible to track down and get rid of any weird or unsettling/strange comments or posts that get published on the platform.

Whether it's a teenager trying to rizz up a girl that he finds attractive by making incredibly creepy comments on her videos or just a dark joke that maybe went a little too far. Some people out there are dedicated to collecting all things wild on the platform, from cursed comments to unhinged posts, this subreddit has it all. Prepare to dive into a world of content that will either give you the creeps or make you cringe at how unsettling it is.

Delicious iced coffee

when your NYC apartment building installs cold brew on tap

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Delulu Solulu

how the "delulu is the solulu" girls look at me after i tell them about my religious psychosis in 2022 where i thought i was a religious prophet who was going to birth the second coming of christ and literally tattooed hebrew letters w pen ink on me so i could "reach the ethereal kinngdom of god" and save the world.

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He has seen too much

He canonically knows what pee looks like. 365 € 43

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Perfect comeback

Reply to funkezzz\'s comment off yourself bro❤ im gonna draw you pr3gnant instead 25.4K 853

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Don't back out now

Reply to pigletrogueistaken's comment and your forehead is receding faster than your dad's A say it to his face bro

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Which one?

Saying The Hard R 95 @SpeedMcqueen_1 Real @sideboys6 11 30K Dislike B 654 Share " Remix

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My life is like a video game

Dark souls fans when there dad beats them (they have to memorise his attack patterns tRepost AD GOMETHIN 309.3K 1,857 34.8K

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The best kind clearly

Meme hub Reply to memehub7070's comment What hair straightener do you use? It looks so good! ♥

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What a handsome gentleman!

Anj CDER RY Reply to sushijo<3's comment you looking like the phrase "Ladies and Gentlemen" + 2.5M 23.8K 131.3K 113.5K

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Sheldon's Female Twin

11:37 5G UC 70%i LIVE STEM Following Shop For You Q reading comments about me looking like "young sheldon" but they lowkey right New makeup Edalile!! **** Home 30 Friends ||| + Inbox O 5 Profile r 2 18 573 31 51 +

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…I'm sorry?

Why you should let it crust instead of wiping ИШКЕ

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Pronouns are SUCH an ick!

11:00 ☑ 2 5GUC Ill 62% when he has pronouns in his bio tRepost ☐ Use template 3299 93 264 an immediate no from me #ickschallenge #icksaboutmen #sorrynotsorry The creator limited comment access ||| ୮ 165

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Minor Rizz

2402 comments James Charles Omg 3d Reply Liked by creator 3086 P sean larocca - Creator he definitely commented cuz im 15 2d

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6:29 LIVE Following For You Why is there men here???????? Libraries are so female coded

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Oh, Okay

6:06 ◄ Search LIVE Reply to Malik Philips's comment Following For You You look like my ex who overdosed last June tl Repost > jolie Replying to Malik Philips ♫original sound - deliciousworms Home n Friends + Inbox 18 2706 120 226 Share Oc Profile

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