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15 Times Karens Voiced Their Bad Takes Online

Though the term first appeared quite a few years ago, "Karens" still are Karening everywhere, and if anything, they're only getting angrier. It's infuriating to see how they treat people, and even more infuriating that they don't seem to care they're horrible people. They try to justify their behavior as standing up for themselves, when really, it's just harassing and threatening minimum-wage employees. And now, they claim "Karen" is a slur. It's not.

The following images show Karens in their natural habitats; while we're used to seeing them in every local Walmart, their favorite environment also tends to be online reviews and platforms like Facebook. Though Karens are obviously all too prevalent offline, there's many thousands of them online, too, and they're always posting about any slightly disappointing experience they had anywhere, usually to doxx someone or demand a boycott of the local family-owned stores. Here are 15 times Karens needed a reality check.

Maybe Just Teach Your Kids Better

Two of my kids would NOT stop kicking the airplane seat in front of them Comments yup 1d. by author a cool. Someone tried that with my 1.5 year old years ago. He laughed kicked the seat more. They told me to hold his legs. I did. He screamed for the rest of the flight.. so yeah. That worked well. I hope you're blessed with magical screaming as well and then the glares of the passengers around you when they saw the interaction and realize you've ruined everyone's flight. O 5,611 i 7

Calling the Cops on an Old Man and Doxxing Him for No Reason

Australia Name and Shame 2.0 umonst us and ARE out anywhere kids go, Every Park, every play centre, water parks theme parks just everywhere and cause that blend in so well parents attention are always on the kids so they don't get noticed. Well this old Peadophile was at the Broadwater Park Lands had no problem sitting up from me infront of my 2 babies 2 other little kids playing in the water. This man was had Red Flags all over him sitting with a protein bar and water staring at my babies. This man was on his own, no kids with him had no reason to sit right there when there's kilometres of beautiful beaches. So my kids dad stood in front him and said to the old peado get up can come with me. Police was called and apparently he did nothing wrong he can sit where ever he likes, HE WAS GETTING OFF LOOKING AT MY BEAUTIFUL BABIES i felt so sick. I couldn't believe it and something needs to be done about it. Anyway so even though he was free to walk atleast now his name and face are known to the police atleast that's something. Please be aware Peadophiles comes in all ages blending in they usually lurk are creeks, parks with there cute little fluffy dogs to intice our children.. it's time to get serious about it.. Next time Ur our with Ur kids Take Notice of whos around u. .our kids needs us to protect them from these sick people.. call police straight away.. Share this putrid Peadophiles face.

No Parking

B BELLCO CREDIT UNION Please don't park you aren't here if going to camp BELLCO.ORG Insured by NCUA skem iz an Thank you! EQUAL HOUSING OPPORTUNITY

… What?

Q Search 1 hr ● PSA: Not that very many care about such things (I know, I know; I have a niche audience) but there is a new teacher at Loxley Elementary that is obsessed with witches, warlocks, sorcerers, and wizardry. She decided to turn her entire THIRD GRADE CLASSROOM into a Harry Potter dungeon. As you may be aware, my daughter was to be in this class, (I quickly took care of that.) but today I saw a Facebook post that made me kind of sick to my stomach. ¡ e is now having her class build the "tallest tower". Nothing new under the sun, right? At least the Devil is consistent. Genesis 11:4-5 4 And they said, Go to, let us build us a city and a tower, whose top may reach unto heaven; and let us make us a name, lest we be scattered abroad upon the face of the whole earth. 5 And the LORD came down to see the city and the tower, which the children of men builded.

Nintendo Games Aren't Fun Enough

Cooked Onions

3:26 54 The fast food restaurant wanted to charge me extra to fry my onions, but they are included at no extra cost if raw. It was not McDonald's. You and 8 others Haha LTE+ 54% Comment 14 comments Send

Don't Do This

My neighbor invited me in his house last night to have some of the brisket he cooked and when I was in there I noticed a bong on a night stand in his bedroom. I could also smell the pot. I obviously didn't say anything because I can already tell he runs the risk of being aggressive as he will NOT say my pronouns despite me telling him several times I'm they/ them. He is also ex military/ hangs an American flag and ex military gives me right wing vibes which means he could have a firearm in the home. Anyhow, I decided to call the cops today for the pot. Is there a way to go about this anonymously? Obviously I don't want him to know it was me since we have to live so close together. I feel unsafe with him in the neighborhood with his military background and scummy right wing vibes so this is a perfect opportunity to potentially get him out. Thoughts?

Video of a Baby Staring at a Candy Bar

2 w This is nor funny,taking advantage of babynot being able to express their feelings like grown ups Reply -^^ 2 w The manager will be with you soon Karen Reply ० 144 300

That's a Lot of Exclamation Points

INTERVILLE AT THE P Community × B: k. 2h. McDonald's on Kennedy does this look plain to you? I called and the person was barely sorry for the mistake. When I returned to the store I was given 2 new ones. NO sorry NO anything for MY time and GAS!!! They did the absolute minimum they had to. Not a good way to keep loyal customers. BAD customer service!!! Ordered 2 recieved 2 WRONG replaced the 2 wrong ones. 334 INTERVILL 9:36 TO 1504 MFY SIDE2 GRILL SLIP Time: 17:03 You and 94 others ●●● DT # 04 Qtr Pounder Cheese Plain DT d 98 comments

Complaining About Accurate Change

r/mildlyinfuriating 43m My total today was $17.01 and the employee gave me back exactly $2.99 MED FING TES LINDOR ASTD SUP 150Z MKT JAR CANDL 430001990619 PZF222 SNGL WALL S 430001670429 SUBTOTAL Taxi TOTAL SALE CASH CHANGE 2022-12-10 A.AD 91 ST 037466015859 E 4.75 S 5.00 S 6.00 S LAGALA PUASALA bergelut King opply PALNICAL AS DOLLAR $15.75 $1.26 $17.01 $20.00 $2.99 8356 1321871 com

Letter About a Skeleton Decoration in December

Hello, ned about is Many people in have monstrosity giant skeleton and complai- a by a every day to school and work. Last skeleton children was and for the adults towards Jesus' birth Christmas. year the very depressing and scary for the is very offensive. on on embrassment to the community do not you then please ノ On behave of Community please TAKE IT DOWN. It is not funny either ma'am. - The people of It is and is perceived as trashy. It the spirit of Christmas enjoy do not decorate at all - And also no during Christmas. wants to see bones FE

Mountain Is Too High

Level om Contributor 12 reviews 25) 11 attraction reviews 283 helpful votes "Very Steep and Too High" OOOOO Reviewed 19 October 2014 After going up Mount Snowdon by train in Wales I'd forgotten just how high some mountains can get. And they don't come much higher than this one - that's for sure. LOL! This was almost a FULL day's climbing and my girlfriend was crying at one point. When we did get to the top there was nothing there (Mount Snowdon has a pub, restaurant and toilets at its top). Luckily we had brought some sandwiches and drinks, so anyone else climbing this one - BE WARNED- there are NO facilities at the top. The climb basically went on for far too long and the last part was particularly steep and difficult. It was also cloudy at the top so the view was non-existant. The long walk back down was boring and again took too long. It was a great relief to get back to our B&B in Fort William for a hot soapy bath and the joys of a flushing toilet with soft toilet rolls. This attraction is free but I honestly couldn't imagine anyone - and I mean anyone - paying to climb this. Visited September 2014 Was this review helpful? Yes 252 Report This review is the subjective opinion of a TripAdvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC

Oh No!

Verified Feb 8, 2023 We were late and the movie theater wouldn't move up our movie time M

Book Ban Karens

@ Just 11 adults are responsible for 60% of requests of ban books from school libraries nationwide, according to a Washington Post analysis of the 2021-2022 school year. She challenges one school book a week. She says she'll never stop.

Morally Superior Person Reviews Oddity Shop

2 years ago Store is really cool and unique. However this place is full of clearly farmed furs and other animal products - LOTS. Simply wont ever put money into a place that supports this, so its a shame! Ditch the unnecessary furs and animal products. Its reading very careless, cruel, outdated, greedy, and irresponsible. Shopping local is important, but so is making responsible choices. 5 Fae's Cabinet (Owner) 2 years ago I'm sorry that you didn't take the time to ask our staff how our furs are obtained. If you would have, you would know that are furs come ethically sourced or are roadkill not farmed. It's really unfortunate when closed minded individuals automatically assume how things are without taking the time to ask the proper questions. I appreciate your business, but next you might want to take a step back and ask questions before accusing or falsely making statements that are incorrect.

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