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15 Unhinged Takes From TikTok No One Wanted To See

The app took the world by storm just a few years ago. Once upon a time TikTok was one of those apps that was embarrassing to have downloaded, let alone actually use. Now anyone who doesn't have it is just weird. TikTok is full of just about everything. Anything you can think of there is a TikTok about it and probably a whole account dedicated to it too. TikTok truly is just a junk drawer of content. Everyone's pages will be different too because the app tailors it to every individual's current interests, so there is always something new to see.

Sometimes TikTok gets super weird though. Some people have gotten a little too comfortable on that app, resulting in some strange and mildly concerning videos. Reddit features screenshots of many of these insane videos and comments that might be a little too unhinged for some. Here are just 15 of those images that are a little more than odd.

Leave this man alone

10:33 AM AT&T LTE LIVE Following For You Reply to formula.j's comment I have thousands of photos of you on my kitchen walls and I smear mashed potatoes over them and giggle softly to my self OZ14 Replying to formula.j Home Friends @ 63% + לון 128.4K Inbox 000 3721 14.5K 43.0K Profile

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5:55 Discord LIVE STEM Following For You GRWM to run from the police Nat I wont be taking my phone for obvious reasons, so goodbye ♫Kiss of Life - @Sade Q Search nat not gnat news 3 + Home Friends Inbox 56 Q + 163.8K 3785 13.2K 8978 10 Profile

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TikTok Is The Last Place For True Artists

3256 139 @coolponiesdraw muammar gadaffi as a pony! #mlp #mylittlepony #gaddafi #libya 342

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This cannot be true

When I was 13 I wanted to be popular so I searched Up "how to be popular and it said to be a "baddie" and I thought that meant being a bad person so I threw a chair at my teacher Heather 6 + 361.0K 3454 23.9K

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That's valid honestly

. hallon VPN 16:08 < Q Hitta relaterat innehåll Qi 89% Sök Projecting the emoji movie all over my former landlord's house on loop at max brightness and volume because he kicked me out of my apartment without any warning and Republicstuff That Projector Guy • 8-14 Del 23 | Projecting the emoji movie on loop until my landlord lets me b... mer Visa översättning Spellista Projector Pranks Lägg till kommentar... 836,8K 4003 50,9K 44,9K > @9

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What a question

25 seeing if my pig will match my energy + 2.0M 9680 113.4K

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This is crazy

Android hate is worse than racism! 885 69

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Silly guy

.hallon VPN 15:34 Följer För dig Q 51 % Q watch as my cat takes 114 steam screenshots CLAIM! Kaden aint he silly Visa översättning Hem Vänner + CTRL 531,1K 5995 54,6K Dela Inkorgen Profil

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Makes it all worth it

When you lose $1k at the casino but the $12 in n ou meal hits 30.0K

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Dark reality

{Ë) LIVE Shop Following For You Drew like a dark, f up version of a smiley face haha. Just a glimpse into my dark reality. A full stare into my twisted personality would make most go simply insane Imao + 184.4K 2784

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LIVE 7:39 LIVE STEM Following For You 100 OK IM ABOUT TO DIE BUT WHY IS THIS TORNADO LOWKEY SERVING 2.4M T 30.5K Repost > IloveTiktokGuidelines OMG HELP #FYP#TORNADO #imaboutodie#fy... more 225.6K 286.4K + Home Friends Inbox Profile

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M LIVE Shop Following For You neellype when the dr keep asking your 10 year old sister why she didn't use protection GM now she's having twin girls... and i'm a aunty of 2 65.4K 1.6M Stop Motion | 2 v Khadijah Diop yalılı #fyp viral #explore #draf ♫Sad Songs - @Lil Durk Q Search having babies young 2 + } 136.9K 182.1K C

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So petty

I saw a cute girl flirting in my comments with a guy and she ask him for his snap & I turned off the comments. If I can't find love, no one can 372.

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Okay, fair

8:02 1. 24%- LIVE - STEM Following For You Q Reply to Adventure_time_667's comment You look like if a man and a woman had a child + 163.4K 1552 16.0K

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When I was in fourth grade I tried to dump hundreds of tea bags into my grandmas pool to celebrate the fourth but my dad found out and forbid me from doing it s I started sobbing and pu+ a single teabag in the bathroom sink so I could still show my patriotism IM 4292

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