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23 Uncomfortable Images No One Appreciates

Some people just don't have the best ideas out there, there is no arguing that point. Some people just like to watch the world burn online, and that is their reasoning for posting. When it comes to the internet, the fact that there is so much freedom is not always a good thing. Sometimes people take that sense of freedom too far and post things that no one appreciates.

There's no saying what will pop up next when someone is scrolling through their social media feeds, it's always a gamble, and so sometimes this awfully disturbing stuff pops up, shocking the world. It could be an uncomfortable drawing or piece of art, it could be something disturbing found in nature. No one can ever know for certain. So for all of the things people post without a care in the world, Reddit's /r/TIHI is there. This subreddit stands for "thanks, I hate it," which is about all that is left to say about these unsettling images. Here are 23 of them to make someone feel a certain kind of way today.

Cave roof spiders in Japan

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TEMU baby dentist kit

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This body pillow

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This little fact…

2024 is 40% complete.

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All these cicadas

This guy's hand?

Thrift store find



This decision?

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This abomination

Vehicle Administration BACKSPLASHES

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Heeled toe shoes


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These nails

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Whatever happened here


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Backwards hand

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This monkey art


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Oh Domino's

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A squishy snack

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What the

We're faking calves now?

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Door greeting

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