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These 15 Corporate Fails Are Super Embarrassing But Also Hilarious

Everyone makes mistakes sometimes, no matter who someone is or what they do for a living, it is just a part of being human. Many people make mistakes during the regular workday, but for most people, those mistakes go unnoticed. They can just be fixed or reversed and no one really ever sees it or knows about it. Sometimes though people who are more visible make mistakes, and then things can get bad. When the accounts and people who are expected to be professional mess up, it's pretty funny.

Reddit's /r/CorporateFacepalm catches a lot of these embarrassingly bad moments where big corporations or huge companies made mistakes that honestly never should have happened. Some are on the harmless side, but others are actually kind of shocking. For anyone wanting to feel better about their own mistakes, here are 15 moments of purely facepalm worthy moments of big companies making even bigger mistakes.

This Is Silly

Nick Robinson @Babylonian it's gone now, but this tweet from the official Madden account is the funniest thing i've ever seen. merry christmas The perfect for every fan's RETWEET for your chance to win this #Madden17 @Xbox One S! XBOX ONE 1TB/To FA XBOX ONE SPORTS MADDEN Xbox and Rob Gronkowski

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Light-Years Is Not Time

verizon Verizon December 11 at 6:38pm Downloads on your network shouldn't take light years. Get the best unlimited in the galaxy. #TheLast Jedi Verizon unlimited Rewards you really, really want. JO

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"My Only Choice Is Comcast." "Thanks for Choosing Comcast!"

COMCAST BeckyFS @beckyfs22.15h Replying to @comcast We need net neutrality to fight monopolies. I live in Portland OR--NO options but Comcast for dependable high speed internet. #netneutrality 15 179 100 Comcast @comcast. 14h Thanks for choosing us & being a customer. We want to keep it dependable & high speed. If you need help DM @comcastcares. -Dan 9 17 3

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Nice One

Standard Bank SA ❤ @Standard BankZA Here's your credit-card. #MakeAWomanSmileln3Words 8:22 am 09 Feb 17 " f 27

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Maybe Slightly Tone-Deaf

SPAGHET SpaghettiOs → @SpaghettiOs Follow Take a moment to remember #Pearl Harbor with us. Reply Retweet Favorite More

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Sent Too Soon

< M McDonald's ✪ Tweet @McDonaldsCorp **** link**** Black Friday Need copy and link 11/24/17, 1:00 AM 6,753 Retweets 12.7K Likes Matt Navarra @MattNavarra · 4h Replying to @McDonalds Corp Social media managers reading this tweet

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Okay, Google

000 Google Play Music @GooglePlay Music • 20m Why she has my vote. GIZMODO Log in/Sign up Vapes Are Banned At the Democratic Convention, Welcome to Hillary's America Matt Novak Saturday 5:24pm Filed to: VAPE OR DIE 128.0K 675 27 t7 1 2

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Wait, What?

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Get a Real Job

WELLS FARGO A ballerina yesterday. An engineer today. Let's get them ready for tomorrow. An actor yesterday. A botanist today. Let's get them ready for tomorrow. Teen Day. wil Join us for Teen Day on Saturday, September 17, 2016. Together w

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Bad Caption

Q Search 19 WLTX News19 WLTX 2 hrs Heartbreaking. Boy, 13, Who Had Heart Transplant Dies on 1st Day of School 79 Shares 2

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Is Disney Okay?

PARCS DISNEY disneylandparis Video WHEN YOUR GIRLFRIEND IS 8 AND A HALF Learn More 8,367 views disneylandparis When your girlfriend turns 8 and a half after seeing a Minnie Mouse balloon! #Disneyland Paris #ILostMyBalloon View all 6 comments C

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When AirBnB Hosts Were Getting Caught with Cameras in Houses

URBAN ART Exhibitionist? There's a house for that. airbnb ooh!

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Surely No One Will Mix These Two Up

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The Actual SpongeBob Page Getting Corrected

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