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When The Algorithm Works Just Right, These 15 Moments Of Juxtaposition Occur

It isn't often that things work out just perfectly, but when they do it is super satisfying. How certain algorithms work remains a mystery to many people, one thing that is for sure though is that when they work in the most perfect ways it is so good to see. A moment of juxtaposition is when two or more things line up just right to create a whole new meaning for the things in question. Because it is a total coincidence when this happens there is no saying when or where it will occur, so when it does happen it is worth documenting so everyone can see it.

Thankfully, Reddit has a subreddit made just for sharing these moments of small perfections. The subreddit /r/juxtaposition is filled with times when the algorithms on sites worked out in just an oddly satisfying way. Here are just 15 little moments of juxtaposition to prove that sometimes things do work out.

Every ice cream shop is the same

43/4 r/oddlyspecific 15h MPH This McDonald's in Turrialba, Costa Rica only serves ice cream postres SUNDAE FLURRY CONO Mc... Shakes McFury CONO 500 UNPOPULAR OPINION 167 19 r/unpopularopinion 1h Every ice cream shop is the same All the time I hear people talk about "oh yeah this cute little town is worth the two hour drive, they have this great ice crea... 14 ♡ 17

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There's that guy's answer

AMA r/AMA 3h I just s my pants while driving home AMA ↑ 34 ♡ ☐ 87 Comm... D 27 r/AskReddit 18h What is the worst thing you've ever smelled? 2,4k ☐ 4 846 ... 1,6k

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r/Damnthatsinteresting 3h Luma Al creepily turns memes into videos + 3,901 → r/jacksonville 3h 210 Fire off Atlantic Blvd

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Two kinds of dads

r/DAE 20h DAE sometime just feel sentimental about their dad Sometime I just look at my dad and i get emotionel feeling in my stomac like "yay its my dad!!!!!!" Like you know how when you were a baby and you go to school the first time, when your parents come to pick you up you felt excited and extra happy?... + 8 14 Share r/internetparents 20h Found out my dad cheated on my mom Sorry if my language is bad im native french. So i was in a car with ny dad and he had a message since his phone had sa Notification and he told me to check it. It was from a woman named "sarah" and it was a emoji with a photo of herself nu... 41 173 д 46

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The range of emotion

r/MovieSuggestions 2h Please recommend a movie I can just disgustingly cry at I need a good cry. But please no based on true stories or gross (like gorey, over depicted stuff). I cry really easily but I've gone thru my cry movies recently EDIT: I did not think I'd actually get suggestions, let al... 192 r/Music 9h 448 Д Whats a song that always puts you in a good mood no matter what? For me personally, it's "September" by Earth, Wind & Fire the infectious groove, upbeat tempo, and joyful lyrics never fail to lift my spirits and get me dancing. It's like an instant dose of happiness. What about you? W... + 1,579 1,386 2

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22:09 →reddit Y'all ever just Q 102 ♡ ☐ 6 ル PSR r/PhotoshopRequest 13h Do whatever comes to mind when you see my dog + Home Communities Create Chat 8 Inbox

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r/Showerthoughts 3h Between Al and deep fakes, it's likely that one day we'll be able to select what actors we want in a movie. 117 35 r/thomastheplankengine 4h Just dreamt that American Psycho was an interactive film where you controlled Bateman's actions through timed combos similar to MK fatalities. He also ate pasta unnaturally fast in a contest and did a Freudian moment, and the latter was not an choice. Haven't watched the movie. 32 KILL HIM 1/2 8

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Are you sure

can men please stop trying to be influencers we need electricians and mechanics I'm begging you 4:18 PM 1/24/23 67.1K Views 1,782 Likes 173 Retweets 57 Quotes 2.4K 282 ↑ Share r/interestinga 7 hr. ago Electrical lineman playing with high-voltage power 29 Electrical lineman playing with high voltage power. Join

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Me too

= reddit く Q r/monkeyspaw 9h I wish I was a cat +3 13 Because you visited this community before r/CatDistribution System 3h Show me your best closeups! + Join D Join Home Communities Create Chat Inbox

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A more personal approach

Apple: We're introducing a new way to customize your Home Screen on iOS, where you can arrange your apps anywhere on your display Meanwhile, Android: Pathetic. 4.9k ☐ 216 Co... 276 u/apple Promoted Apple Intelligence. A more personal approach to intelligence. Apple Intelligence

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Uh oh

frontpage popular all random friends A My left eyebrow is suddenly turning white • OC mildlyinteresting8 10h Typical_tablecloth 91% 23.6k +41k Brain tumor turned my hair white. Tumor was removed and it went back to normal color. OC mildlyinteresting 87h drewrusty 97% • Before Tumor Surgery After Tumor Surgery 2267 +11k

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Final boss

r/AskReddit 5h What do you wish people would stop wearing in public? + 70 ♡ 451 Д r/Truckers 5h What rig do they drive? 10 D Posted in r/regularcarreviews reddit

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They need to stay away

= reddit Cr/addiction 13h Something is wrong with me -$42,909 NET TOTAL Winnings Bets Net total Hide career details 17 22 $667,217 $710,126 -$42,909 r/trashy 10h Some Kroger grocery stores are now implementing slot machines inside FUSION 0100150 FORT KNOX $2.000.00 obe Paide COME ON DOW Share UTION CAUTION CAUTION CAUTION CAUTION CAUTION CAUTION + Home Communities Create Chat Inbox

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A rug!

7:19 = reddit 2,449 в ☐ 3,268 ... a Because you've shown interest in a similar community r/Concrete 1d deleted hot tub, any ideas to make this less noticeable? 1.8k Join 1/2 930 714 r/malelivingspace 19h A rug. The answer is a rug. Too cold? Rug. Too empty? Rug. Too bland? Rug. Too echo-ey? Rug. When in doubt, rug. And please, PLEASE. Make it big enough to fit under your couch AND coffee table. ◆ 755 в 195

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Not… quite

r/AskReddit 7h What was cool in 5000 B.C. that's still cool now? 1.8k r/comedyheaven 7h homophobia 2,244 Comments 650 Join

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