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What Does 'OOMF' Mean, And What Is An 'Oomfie'? 'That's Oomf 😭😭😭' Jokes On Twitter Explained

If you've seen people joking about their Oomfs and Oomfies online and been confused by what they mean, here's a little internet slang and history refresher to help you gel better with your Twitter or Tumblr-bred friends. A slang acronym that has seen usage as early as 2011, gathering "oomfies" on the internet is generally regarded as a positive community-building practice on most micro-blogging sites.

Southpauz @SouthpauzArt "Greetings my oomf. You're looking very gnc af today. Dw you're very poggers, bestie." musiC 4BAND

"OOMFs" or "One Of My Friends" is a noun-ified sentence that still sees widespread usage today, even if memes about "oomfs" online lean more ironic than sincere. Here's what people mean when they jokingly say, That's Oomf 😭😭😭.

What Does 'Oomf' and 'Oomfie' Mean?

The slang term "Oomf" stands for "One Of My Friends" or "One Of My Followers," and it is used to refer to one's internet friends and followers. The term first took off Twitter and Tumblr, two platforms that tended to encourage more anonymity than their counterparts at the time.

I made a new friend. Real or oomf oomf

Unless the phrase is prefaced by a term like IRL most people tend to use "Oomf" solely to refer to their internet friends.

Where Does The Term 'Oomf' Or 'Oomfie' Come From?

The term "Oomf" first appeared online in the early 2010s, with Tumblr and Twitter users being the first to use the term generously. Rapper Young Thug even tweeted out "Which #OOMF has a #tumblr page?" back in October 2011.

Young Thug @youngthug Which #OOMF has a #tumblr page? 8:07 PM Oct 17, 2011

Several people were fascinated by the sudden rise in usage of the word, with Tumblr blogger 1week1project posting a report about the then-trending nature of the term and some musings about why the word is what it is.

Tweek! project 。 #oomf A trending topic this Friday night, is #oomf. Based upon extensive research and contemplation, #oomf is either 1) a person, or 2) several people. He/she/they appear to be very well known in the black community. Wait, we are just getting something in it appears that #oomf is now single again. This recent development isn't unexpected as #oomf apparently is quite desirable. However, #oomf also appears to swing both ways. This is just as confusing you as it is to me. #oomf could be an acronym (other oxen make food?) or it could be a play on oomph' the onomatopoeia. Really I have no freakin clue Even though I don't think I came across anything conclusive, I found out some Ik はー

What's The Difference Between An 'Oomf' And An 'Oomfie'?

"Oomfie" is just a more affectionate way to refer to your internet friends, with some people using the term ironically but still passionately in the early 2020s.

Go off oomfie OR an

What's Up With Memes That Read, 'That's Oomf 😭😭😭'?

"That's Oomf 😭😭😭" is a catchphrase that came to be used as a punchline for jokes on Twitter (X) in 2024. The jokes revolved around a large number of people surprisingly arriving for various occasions, with one imagining their "oomfs" showing up.

X user @memetazaa joked about marrying his "oomf" in January 2024, effectively kicking off the joke trend.

gilbert @memetazaa *at my wedding* : mom: where did you meet your wife??? me: that's oomf u aan annou 爸爸爸爸 11:37 AM Jan 22, 2024 1.9M Views

More people joked about encountering their "oomfs" in other settings, like the hospital or in their own fridge.

dostoevsky ashiq. @missmikhin when im neurosurgeon. fellow doctor: why tf do you have 255 people lined up for brain surgery? me: that's oomf Γ­ ΓΊ εˆ†εˆ†εˆ† tΓ΄i TΓ΄i TΓ΄i TΓ΄i TΓ΄i TΓ΄i TΓ΄i rα»“i tΓ΄i rα»“i 6:13 AM Jan 30, 2024 Β· 1M Views gabibi @angeIcsm person: what are these packs of meat on the refrigerator denji: thats oomf台台台台台台台台台台台 7:39 PM Jan 31, 2024 Β· 118.8K Views

For the full history of Oomf and That's Oomf 😭😭😭, be sure to check out Know Your Meme's encyclopedia entries for more information.

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