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What Does 'Yabujincore' and 'Jumpstyle Core' Mean On TikTok? The 'NicheTok' Video Aesthetic Explained

TikTokers have graced us with yet another -core suffix segment in the ever-expanding NicheTok universe. The new additions are Yabujincore and "Jumpstyle Core," which actually have been around the video platform since 2021, but only after "that one guy's For You page" video (shown below) went viral in April 2024, more and more "yabujincore" have been popping up on netizens FY page.


cursed territory

♬ original sound – ri 🫶

To delve into the bizarre world of "yabujincore" videos, a bit of a brain rot mindset is required, as most of the content looks chaotic, creepy and nightmare-fueled. However, it all feels consistent with the general idea it wants to express, which is the love for the 2000s Jumpstyle contemporary dance style.

If your "For You" page is full of "yabujincore" and "jumpstyle core" content and you are feeling confused about what this trend really is, where it started and how it spread on TikTok, let's explain.

What is 'Yabujincore' and 'Jumpstyle Core?'

Like many other -core content on TikTok, "yabujincore" and "jumpstyle core" are aesthetic videos under the hashtags "#yabujincore" and "#jumpstylecore" that consist of memetic edits that predominantly include stylized footage of people doing the Jumpstyle dance while Arabic, Russian and Japanese texts are gliding across the screen. The videos are often paired with videogame-like graphics that depict dreamlike scenarios (shown below).

@taurvz boing @solstisce . .#yabujin #oldweb #web #webcore #roblox #jumpstyle #hardcore #taurvz #aesthetic #weirdcore #weird # #edit #vsp ♬ DJ GYROTTA ZAO. VALERIA BOUNZE – imovationn of taurvz

Where Did 'Yabujincore' and 'Jumpstyle Core' Start?

The "yabujincore" trend started as a certain form of homage towards Lithuanian rapper, singer and producer Yabujin, who is known for making hardstyle jump music and visual art inspired by 2000s culture and video games in his music videos. One of the earliest "yabujincore" videos was posted on December 3rd, 2021, by TikTok user @hexdsim3kkk. In the video (shown below), a Matrix-like filter is added to a recording of a man doing a jumpstyle dance in the streets at night while random messages in Arabic and Japanese are displayed in flashes.

@hexdsim3kkk #fyp #azeroy #bbc #yabujin #northkoreannarcos #jumpers #seeghosts ♬ оригинальный звук – 61p0l4r6vv0v5clv6

What Are Some Notable Examples Of 'Yabujincore' and 'Jumpstyle Core' Memes?

Yabujincore and jumpstyle core content became more prominent in 2022, as people shared aesthetic videos featuring EDM songs paired with jumpstyle videos. For example, on December 23rd, 2022, TikTok user @ihe_by posted a video with the overlay text "How them 'yabujincore' mfs feel after editing some Roblox dude dancing jumpstyle while Russian and Arabic words glide across the screen."

On April 10th, 2024, TikTok user @abktriho posted a "jumpstyle core" video featuring a toothpaste dancing, which is one of the videos that appear in the "that one guy's For You page" meme.

@ihe_by Oh and the “boing :3” being spammed in the comments pls stfu😟 #yabujin #djgyrottazaoyabujin #yabujincore #webcore ♬ DJ GYROTTA ZAO. VALERIA BOUNZE – imovationn of taurvz

@abktriho ( ꒪⌓꒪) #horrorgame #hardstyle #jumpstyle #cybercore #webcore #idk #weird #??? #toothpaste ♬ idiota.zao – gio ⍢⃝

For the full history of Yabujincore, be sure to check out Know Your Meme's entry for even more information.

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