The recently unveiled Humane Ai Pin has been making waves online, as well as spawning a new meme format.

What Is 'Humane Ai Pin'? The Newest Wearable Technology And It's Memes Explained

AI and tech startup Humane, co-founded by former Apple employees, is trying to replace your smartphone with an AI wearable device called the "Ai Pin," but is this new device really going to replace your phone?

Additionally, you may have seen this interesting new product become the subject of an exploitable meme format but were utterly confused about what you were looking at.


If that's you, or you're simply looking for some additional info, here's a quick explainer on what Humane's Ai Pin is all about and why it's currently trending online.

What Is 'Humane Ai Pin'?

Humane AI Pin is a wearable personal assistant that acts as a phone replacement without a screen, which is powered by artificial intelligence and developed by former Apple employees.

In the video below, Humane cofounder Imran Chaudhri shared a first look at the yet-to-be-released AR and AI-powered Humane Ai Pin device. The reveal occurred in a TED Talk event, which was uploaded to YouTube back in April.

What Are 'Humane Ai Pin' Features?

Humane is trying to embody a unique blend of functionality and discreet design on its wearable device. Its main features include the projection of a small display onto the palm of your hand that can be controlled with hand and finger gestures (example shown below).

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The gadget also uses OpenAI's model to handle search and task-handling through voice command, similar to ChatGPT's feature.

How Did People React To 'Humane Ai Pin' Announcement?

Memes about the Humane AI Pin quickly spread on social media over the last week, especially using the promotional images of the new device to come up with the funniest iterations being projected onto the palm of their hands.

For instance, Glif user @Edward-95da9db9f9 uploaded a version of the meme in which he asks the tool to feed their dog, to which the wearable responds "Dog accidentally eats poisonous chocolate, rushed to emergency vet."

In another humorous example, Glif user @Venom used the meme template to share a version in which he asked the device to play the Five Nights at Freddy's video game, which it replied with "Five Nights at Freddy's animatronics invade your home."

FEED MY DOG Dog accidentally eats poisonous chocolate, rushed to emergency vet. PLAY FNAF Five Nights at Freddy's animatronics invade your home.

For the full history of the Humane AI Pin, be sure to check out Know Your Meme's encyclopedia entry for more information.

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