Mortimer Mouse Ha Cha Cha meme explained.

What Is Mortimer Mouse's 'Ha Cha Cha'? The 'Mickey Mouse Clubhouse' Meme That's Trending Two Decades Later Explained

Few Millennials and Zoomers have clear memories of what went on in the Disney show Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. But apparently, Mortimer Mouse was a character, and he was in possession of a shrink ray.

Decades later, a meme has been born, so here's everything you need to know about "Ha cha cha."

Where Does "Ha Cha Cha" Come From?

At one point in the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse episode "Super Adventure," Mortimer Mouse decides to use his shrink ray on the character Pete. To do so, he gives Pete a finger-gun gesture, winks and finally shrinks him.

He then does a musical number of sorts, repeating the line "Ha cha cha," as well as the line, "Pete is big, now he's small."

The odd scene must have remained deep within the core memories of many former Mickey Mouse Clubhouse viewers because in 2020, people started making memes about it. Either that or some people were using this children's show villain moment as an attempt to recreate the virality of "We Are Number One."

How Is "Ha Cha Cha" Used In Memes?

There were a number of video memes that started to pop up in 2020, usually editing the scene immediately after Mortimer Mouse says "Ha Cha Cha" in order to create the most irony possible. The following is the earliest known meme based on the scene:

Some other memes take advantage of the line, "Pete is big, now he's small," creating something that sounds … rather different when cut off at the wrong moment.

But all in all, the possibilities are endless with this one, since just about anything can be edited to be the victim of Mortimer's shrink ray, as scrolling through the site formerly known as Twitter would suggest.

For the full history of "Ha cha cha," be sure to check out Know Your Meme's encyclopedia entry for more information.

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