three tiktok's using "how you spell chauffeur" song

What Is The 'How Do You Spell Chauffeur' Song? TikTok's Viral 'Fancy Pants Rich McGee' Meme Explained

An old, viral X / Twitter exchange is experiencing a second life on TikTok right now after it was turned into a country song by AI. The song is known as the Fancy Pants Rich McGee or "How you spell chauffeur?" song and it's become a major source for lip dubs throughout May 2024. But where did the song come from and what is it based on? Here's what you need to know.

zzz @DrowsyDeity. 15m How the he you spell showfer 2 273 1 white knight jesse @IHateYou... 11m v chauffeur 27 zzz@DrowsyDeity. 8m ili Ooooo fancy pants rich McGee over here f you MLK Youngboy @doesntpaytaxes. 8m spelling bee 10 221 zzz @DrowsyDeity. 1m He gon give me the definition next Q1 17

What Is The 'How Do You Spell Chauffeur' Meme?

Back in 2020, a screenshot of a funny comment exchange on X started spreading online. The exchange shows one user asking how to spell the word chauffeur, spelling it "showfer." Another user gives him the answer, but instead of thanking him, the user who asked the question writes mockingly, "Ooooo fancy pants rich mcgee over here."

The exchange inspired a few memes and continued to spread in 2023 and 2024. Then, in April 2024, TikToker Chat Music posted a video where a number of funny viral comment exchanges are sung in the style of a country song, including the "Fancy Pants Rich McGee" song. The catchy audio went viral in May.

@chat.musicc Antwort auf @ballsgaming Funny Chats as COUNTRY MUSIC #funnytexts #texts #textingstory ♬ Originalton – Chat Music

How Is The 'Fancy Pants Rich McGee' Song Used In Memes?

The original sound for the Chat Music country song was used over 70,000 times in May 2024. The majority of the videos are lip dub memes using the lyrics to comedically act out situations similar to the comment exchange. Some of the top examples have tens of millions of views, with many inspiring comments about how catchy the song is.

The song has also spread on YouTube, where it's similarly being used in lip dubs and as a source for animations. The song was purportedly made using artificial intelligence, but that doesn't seem to be stopping anyone from enjoying it and demanding a more full version.

@stephreynaart Nerd #gravityfalls #fanart #animatic #stanpines #fordpines #comic ♬ Originalton – Chat Music


♬ Originalton – Chat Music


Literal meme

♬ Originalton – Chat Music


Fancy cat 🤝 pound cat

♬ Originalton – Chat Music

For the full history of Fancy Pants Rich McGee, be sure to check out Know Your Meme's encyclopedia entry for more information.

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