Pokimane's launch of her Myna Snacks brand has kicked off a viral cookie-related drama over the last week.

What Is The 'Pokimane' Cookies Drama? The Viral Outrage Over 'Myna Snacks' Cookies Explained

Pokimane is one of the most popular streamers on Twitch, but she sometimes finds herself thrust into controversy from time to time.

Over the past week, Pokimane has garnered backlash among some after releasing her Midnight Mini Cookies snack under her new healthy-oriented snack company, Myna Snacks. In particular, the price of the cookies is getting people all wound up, along with how she responded to the critics. Here's a rundown and explanation of the controversy.

UniSATU Goblin @TheGoblinnn Rent: $2,000 Internet: $80 Electricity: $120 Pokimane Tier 3 sub: $25 Pokimane Cookies: $2,735 Pokimane Gift Subs: $8,755 Food: $125 Monthly income: $5,000 Subscribe Someone who is good at economics please help me budget this. My family is starving 1:21 PM . Nov 20, 2023 44.3K Views

What Is The Drama Surrounding Pokimane's 'Myna Snacks' Midnight Mini Cookies?

Last week, Pokimane announced the first product from her new healthy snack company Myna Snacks, a bag of bite-size cookies called "Midnight Mini Cookies" that use only non-GMO ingredients and have added vitamin D. While she garnered a decent amount of support for the product at first, it wasn't long before some X users accused her of "white labeling" another cookie brand, Midnight Mini Cookies by Toatzy, and jacking up the price to rip off her viewers.

Pokimane responded to these accusations by confirming that the cookies are a white label product, meaning a product made by a third party and branded through another creator or company, by Creation Foods, however, the Toatzy version of the cookies was only sold in one test batch and she worked with the company to alter and perfect the recipe before rebranding it.

She also addressed the price of the cookies, which is purportedly more costly than the Toatzy version at around $7 USD per bag or $28 for a four-pack. In the post, she claims that it's not cheap to make a healthy snack and the price reflects that, writing that the profits only go back into the company.

pokimane @pokimanelol it's finally here!! introducing my new company: myna snacks! i could never find the perfect healthy snack that tasted good, so i made one for us! the midnight mini cookies are made w/ real, non-gmo ingredients + added vitamin D treat yourself @mynasnacks.com myna 000000 ... MIDNIGHT MINI COOKIES 10:23 < All iCloud ... the batch of Myna cookies we're currently shipping were made 3 weeks ago. they are not a drop shipped product, and we own our formula. the cookies they are being compared to were also made by our manufacturer, Creation Foods, which specializes in healthy food. the compared cookies had one test batch sold before they were retired. months later, we partnered with Creation Foods and fell in love with the flavor profile of the midnight cookie. we then decided to work together to refine and improve the formula, and we're really happy with the final product. while the ingredients list may look similar, they are entirely different in terms of ingredient quality, quantity/ratios, sourcing, the size/ texture of the cookie, and of course the added vitamin D. refining formulas is a very common practice in the food industry + around 70-80% of the foods you see in grocery stores are white labeled. 10:33 All iCloud :!!! Re: pricing - making a healthy and quality snack with real, gluten-free ingredients, and added vitamins is not a cheap practice. if you've been following me for some time, you know I rarely take sponsorships bc I try to be mindful of promoting or endorsing products. I haven't sold merch in years, I cap my donations, and frankly if I wanted a cash grab, it'd be silly to do that through a startup because they are extremely unlikely to profit in the first few years. + any profits we make goes directly back into creating more quality products.

This wasn't the end of the drama, though. A few days later, Pokimane briefly discussed the drama on stream when a chatter purportedly criticized her for the high price of the cookies. She responded in part by saying, "If you're a broke boy just say so," which was clipped and spread around social media under the context of Pokimane making fun of her broke fans for their genuine criticisms of the product.

The clip went viral and was reacted to by many online, including other content creators and streamers. While some criticized her response and the price of the cookies, like Moist Cr1tikal and Asmongold, others like Hasanabi and Nadia Amine defended her, claiming she was joking in the clip, that most of the hate is coming from incels and that the whole controversy is being overblown.

How Has Pokimane Responded To The 'Midnight Mini Cookies' Drama?

The further backlash over her viral clip forced Pokimane to respond to the drama once again. This time, she made a post to X in which she apologized for making the comment, writing that she was sorry it came off as insensitive. She also clarified that the comment was not meant as an overall statement to her community, but was simply a joke towards one chatter.

In the statement, she also writes that she and the company are "considering" the pricing of the cookies since so many people claimed they were too expensive to justify buying.

pokimane @pokimanelol - 14h while what i said was 100% intended to be a joke, i see why it came off as insensitive and i apologize for that. i also understand the current price of the cookies may be expensive for some, and promise we'll continue to consider pricing to keep myna as affordable as possible. Chase DeMoor @ @ChaseDeMoor - 17h This has to be a joke. @pokimanelol there are people that work extremely hard daily doing jobs most would consider not as fun as streaming. There are better ways to word this, this is damaging not only to you but those who are in business with you and this cookie. twitter.com/dexerto/status... Rate proposed Community Notes Only visible to Community Notes contributors 3.7K pokimane @pokimanelol 1.2k 14K 11:08 PM - Nov 19, 2023 544.5K Views ili 4.6M ↑ 口企 i also want to clarify that this was said towards ONE rude chatter, i did not at all intend it to be a general statement or towards my community.

For the full history of the Pokimane Myna Snacks Controversy, be sure to check out Know Your Meme's encyclopedia entry for more information.

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