Miiverse yeah meme and comment explained.

What's With All The 'Yeah!' Reactions On Twitter? The Miiverse 'Yeah!' Comeback After X Removed Public Likes Explained

Elon Musk seems to have done his best to make Jake Dorsey's Twitter the most contentious social media platform since he acquired it in 2022, and his decision to rename it to "X" may have found a strong competitor in his latest update.

As of this week, X users can no longer browse their friends (or enemies) "likes tab," making it hard for people to find art and content they like.

@L_EATCHICKEN ☆巴4m! 巴士!

Amid the general moaning among users who loathe Musk but can't seem to find the motivation to leave his platform are those making jokes about how they can circumvent this new private likes system. Some Twitter users are now sharing a forgotten Nintendo Miiverse emote to signal that they are publically liking something.

Here's why you might be seeing all those "Yeah! reaction buttons" on your X feed, including all the variations that pose the button as a "Boo!" or even "Evil Yeah!"

Where Did The '+Yeah!' Reaction Come From?

Some of you may remember Nintendo's doomed Miiverse launch in 2012 when the gaming company launched a social media platform that only lasted until 2017. One of the platform's features included the ability to "Yeah!" react to people's posts, an equivalent to a "like" anywhere else. These "Yeah!" reactions were pretty versatile, ranging from enthusiasm to indignation.

+ Yeah!? + Yeah❤

Why Did People Start Spamming The 'Yeah!' Reaction On X In 2024?

After X (formerly Twitter) removed the ability to view people's likes in mid-June 2024, some X users began replying to art and memes they liked with the Miiverse "Yeah!" reaction, a sort of protest against Musk's unpopular new policy.

Pineapple @DreamyWeegee They removed likes Can I get a Yeah! instead + Yeah! 7:32 PM ⚫ Jun 12, 2024 1.1M Views ...

Some internet users even posted variations on the "Yeah!" reaction, making the button read "Boo" or "Unyeah!" instead.

+ Yeah! U Yeah!
Evil + Yeah! Boo!

How Did People React To 'Yeah!' Memes On X?

Nintendo fans, former Miiverse users and X users with no context made memes about the influx of "Yeah!" buttons on X, joking about how the images are going to clog Twitter servers.

KOKO!! Comms Closed !! @kokopuff_kross Twitter users after public likes got removed how can i make this 20 73 about Mii 10:52 PM Jun 13, 2024 227.3K Views stuartt @stuartwith2ts Twitter staff thinking about why half their total used disk space on their image servers is of the Miiverse "Yeah" button ... 8:46 PM ⚫ Jun 13, 2024 138.8K Views Year

For the full history of Miiverse Yeah! reactions, be sure to check out Know Your Meme's encyclopedia entry for more information.

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