Blonde Woman 'Freestyle Dancing'

Where Did The Video Of The Blonde Woman 'Freestyle Dancing' Come From? Renata Bliss And Her Viral Dance Video Explained

Renata Bliss Dancing belongs in the viral video hall-of-fame, next to Technoviking and Dancing Russian Kid. The somewhat surreal clip shows a statuesque blonde woman introducing herself as a dance teacher before the clip quickly cuts to her showing off her skills.

The juxtaposition between the woman's style and her somewhat awkward stiff-armed dance moves led to the video becoming meme fodder. After being mixed and remixed in meme compilations and edits, Renata Adler became enshrined in meme history.

Where Does The Renata Bliss Dancing Video Come From?

The video that skyrocketed Renata Bliss into the memesphere was a brief clip from a much longer reel of footage. The video came from a program called Club Dance Class, hosted on a now-defunct website that was last active in 2011. According to Bliss herself, the website was created by Bliss after she had created a "wing-girl, personal stylist, and social stylist" persona online. She then decided to capitalize on this persona by selling a fitness routine.

The actual clip of Renata Bliss dancing was posted to YouTube in the summer of 2015 by user Stephahahan, who gathered over 15 million views on the video in nearly a decade.

How Did Renata Bliss Become A Meme?

Meme edits and remixes of Renata Bliss's video were shared on YouTube and Vine in the months following her video's virality. These videos typically changed the music Renata was dancing to, added weird visual effects to the footage, or spliced in another meme entirely.

In 2016, Pewdiepie included Renata Adler in a list of his favorite internet videos, gathering over 8 million views.

For the full history of Renata Adler dancing, be sure to check out Know Your Meme's encyclopedia entry for more information.

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