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Who Is Molly Moon? The TikToker Mollymoonn's PC Horror Videos Explained

TikToker Molly Moon blew up in 2022 after her PC Horror style TikTok videos, often described as "weird," "creepy," or simply "unsettling," went viral across the internet in 2023. Molly Moon began her internet career as a model back in 2021, but made a pivot into TikTok sometime later, finding success in making stop-motion videos where she portrays a seemingly homicidal psychopath intent on luring men into her trap.

Posting on her TikTok @mollymoonn, Moon's videos often look like an RPG or a point-and-click game. She appears in the frame and zooms closer to the screen, her mouth opening and snapping closed like a badly rigged puppet. Dialogue options pop up on the screen but the answer has already been chosen for you; the cursor clicks on the square that seals your fate.

Here's a recap of Molly Moon's rise to fame, and why her videos have people begging game devs everywhere to bring back the golden era of PC horror games.

Who Is Molly Moon And What Are Her TikToks About?

Molly Moon began her online career as a model posting pictures on her Instagram and Twitter in 2021, but her TikTok career didn't begin until September 2022. One of her earliest videos shows her asking the viewer if they can walk her home. When they get to her home, she says, "you're a lot taller when you're awake," then invites the man in, saying, "I'm literally starving, I could eat anything." The video ends as she opens the door.

A few months later, Moon posted her first horror POV-style video, edited to give the appearance of stop-motion footage. Her voice was modulated to emulate an old PC game, and buttons and filters were added to the actual video. At the end of this clip, Moon eats the viewer.


Would you help me move?

♬ original sound – Molly Moon πŸŒ™


Stop putting warnings on my vids tiktok it’s obviously fake

♬ original sound – Molly Moon πŸŒ™

How Did Molly Moon's Horror Videos Go Viral?

In November 2022, Molly Moon posted another video continuing her horror PC game TikTok run, this time gathering over 6 million views on a clip where she zooms closer to you while dressed in a pink dress in a kitchen. Her mouth flapped open and shut as the voice-over asked the viewer if they could help her clean. The viewer's lackluster effort led to her eating her victim again.


Dinner time

♬ original sound – Molly Moon πŸŒ™

Molly Moon gathered a following online soon after her videos exploded with views, with fans sharing her clips and saying that they wished she was in a real game they could play. X users @gabmadrid and @vermilion_shade posted artwork inspired by her TikToks in December 2022.


For the full history of Molly Moon, be sure to check out Know Your Meme's encyclopedia entry for more information.

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