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Why Did Jacksepticeye Unfollow Markiplier And Why Does It Matter? The YouTube Drama And Memes Explained

Fans of popular YouTubers and frequent collaborators Markiplier and Jacksepticeye are freaking out after Jacksepticeye unfollowed Markiplier on social media. The news of his unfollowing broke the other day and has inspired a flood of theories as to why Jack might unfollow his long-time friend, along with a lot of memes about the situation. So why did Jack unfollow Mark? Here's what we know.

vinny @venaefica this image going around again is why jacksepticeye unfollowed markiplier chica from fnaf @PhelleAlt. May 25 crazy how they found this hidden in the game files for Security Breach 9:16 PM - May 28, 2024 422.7K Views 10:06 WHATS UP WITH YOU? N-NOTHING!!

Why Did Jacksepticeye Unfollow Markiplier?

Jacksepticeye and Markiplier are both big-time YouTubers with multiple-millions of subscribers. They've collaborated frequently in the past, are known to be friends and have a large shared follower-base. They even have a clothing brand together called Cloak, suggesting the two are very close… or at least, that they were close.

On May 28th, 2024, social media users and fans of the YouTubers began reporting that Jacksepticeye unfollowed Markiplier on Instagram and X / Twitter Not only that, but Jacksepticeye also seemingly unfollowed the Cloak brand's social pages. Notably, Markiplier still follows Jacksepticeye, adding a further element of mystery to the unfollowing. Unfortunately, we currently don't know why Jacksepticeye unfollowed Markiplier, as neither party has spoken about it.

steven @stevlmao babe wake up jacksepticeye unfollowed markiplier 12:18 PM May 28, 2024 - 8.8M Views

How Are Fans Reacting To Jacksepticeye Unfollowing Markiplier?

Reactions to Jacksepticeye unfollowing Markiplier have been mixed and varied. Some fans are genuinely wondering why Jacksepticeye unfollowed Markiplier and have begun speculating and theorizing online. One fan on X suggested it could be a marketing scheme for Cloak, while another hoped that Markiplier isn't about to be exposed and canceled for something the general public doesn't know about.

Others are taking the situation and making memes out of it. The most common thread in these memes has people ironically overexaggerating to the news as if it's some great tragedy that Jacksepticeye unfollowed Markiplier, when in reality, it just doesn't matter all that much to most people. These memes are mostly popping up on TikTok and X.

@heavymetaldummer #jacksepticeye #markiplier ♬ original sound – ARTPOP 🪩 ft. Azealia Banks 🍬

@autistically.autistic this can’t be #youtube #markiplier #jacksepticeye ♬ this cant be uncle ruckus – repent

Light Yagamis wife 100 @alphavsskibidi If the reason jacksepticeye unfollowed markiplier is because mark did something bad you will never hear from me again I'm deleting my account bro 5:23 PM - May 28, 2024 300.7K Views Loretta Love @LorettaLove1029 mr president jacksepticeye unfollowed markiplier ΚΕΙ MA steven @stevlmao. 22h babe wake up jacksepticeye unfollowed markiplier 4:27 PM - May 28, 2024 116.5K Views

For the full history of Jacksepticeye unfollowing Markiplier, be sure to check out Know Your Meme's encyclopedia entry for more information.

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