Why Do Some People Think We Are 'Stuck' In The Year 2014? Theories About 'The Long 2014' Explained

Older internet users still see echos of decades-old culture war talking points today, whether it's the substitution of words like woke in the place of the SJW or cyclical discussions about representation and equity in video games, ten years after GamerGate was underway.

Other users see the effects of the year 2014 in more tangible ways; the year marked the start of fifth-generation warfare, hinging on social engineering and the spread of misinformation. That, paired with smartphones finally saturating US markets, has led many to believe that we are still seeing the effects of The Long 2014.

Here's a recap of the phrase "The Long 2014" spread online, and why people seem to be convinced that we are living in an era shaped by key events that took place a decade ago.

Where Did The Phrase 'The Long 2014' Originate?

The idea of "long" decades or even centuries is a direct reference to the historiographical concept of "the long 19th century," which describes the years between 1789 (the French Revolution) and 1914 (the start of World War I) as one historical period with specific features.

Some discussions about the lasting impact of the year 2014 can be traced as far back as the late 2010s, as seen in a post by X users @shackle_ton where they responded to an instance of gamers harassing people by lamenting about how we are "Stuck in an eternal 2014."

No, Sleep Till Brooklyn! @bgreysk i think with this robert the bruce nonsense we're finally reaching the end of the long 2014 7:26 AM Jun 29, 2019

Sometime in June 2019, another Twitter user posted, "I think with this robert the bruce nonsense we're finally reaching the end of the long 2014." But as indicated by continued conversations, this comment was rather shortsighted.

Some discussions about the lasting impact of 2014 can be traced as far back as 2014 itself with a December 25th, 2014, post showing X[1] / Twitter user @sargoth joking about being "poised to lead us all into an eternal 2014." On October 31st, 2017, X[2] user @shackle_ton quoted a since-deleted tweet about gamers harassing people saying, "Stuck in an eternal 2014."

What Do People Think We Are In The Long 2014'?

Discussions about "The Long 2014" continued into the 2020s, predominantly on X / Twitter, where users discussed how culture war topics that were propagated in 2014 somehow had continued relevancy in 2020. X user @EXJoyces noted an instance where people still complained about "SJWs," while X user @Y2K_mindset made a post in 2022 saying that they wanted to do their "PhD in 2014 studies."

Jennifer/Aster Unkle @jbu3 Feb 24, 2020 Watching PC Gamer repost articles from six years ago and get fresh replies on Twitter complaining about "SJWs" is pretty wild [21 limited time only joyces @EXJoyces ● The Long 2014 4:06 PM. Feb 24, 2020 8 Eniko Fox is no longer active here @Enichan Feb 24, 2020 2020 is the new 2014 17 la اار 口企 : [→ 口企 ←] : LEVIS millennial amenities Getting my PhD in 2014 studies. 125 5 millennial amenities @Y2K_mindset. Sep 8, 2020 A primary source INTERNETSTREAM Chris Pratt in 2013 BuzzFeed ISIS Ferguson John Oliver/Daily Show Thinking about Kanye J-Law @Y2K_mindset. Sep 8, 2020 Critically-Acclaimed tv Famous Youtube Vloggers 'hating' the 'mainstream media" Bill Murray NBA tə millennial amenities @Y2K_mindset 22 Lena Dunham Thinkpieces/BacklashPieces Feminism as a scalable mechanism Jimmy Fallon Jimmy Kimmel ALS ICE FuckitChallenge Miley Cyrus 'twerking' Popular Radio Rap J-Law Nudes Kardashians NFL LeBron James Justin Bieber Instagram 4:15 PM Sep 8, 2020 MAINSTREAM 9 Country Music Singing Contest TV Shows Maroon5 TV News Baseball Duck Dynasty Storage Wars Politics Religion Republican vs Democrat debate Chris Pratt in 2020 'hating' internet voices reading-Tweets on TV ılı 口企 The beginning of 5th generation warfare at scale. New tactics emerged at every level, from the individual to the state. : : millennial amenities @Y2K_mindset - Sep 8, 2020 Replying to @as_a_poster 2011 is more interesting and important to me but 2014 was likely the beginning of a new age in warfare ←] :

More internet users noted the increasing relevancy of 2014 culture in the early 2020s, with X user @LegoRacers2 posting a joke about the catchphrase in November 2023, even as X user @duns_sc0tus joked about reactionaries being stuck drawing badly aged webcomics.

Liam @LegoRacers2 Human History Neolithic Iron Age Industrial Society Postwar Order The 1980s L The Long 2014 iPad Baby Ascendancy LA You Are Here 2:44 PM Nov 15, 2023 · 126.8K Views : Duns @duns_scotus Look at my reactionaries dawg, the long 2014 is never ending @ThyGeekdomCome · Feb 27 Thy Geekdom Come Calling this one "Veganx." SO THE VEGAN BURRITO IS JUST LETTUCE AND GUACAMOLE? FOR VEGAN FOOD? 12:34 PM. Feb 28, 2024 104K Views • YOU CAME TO THE ETHNIC RESTAURANT OF A CULTURE THAT EATS ORGAN MEATS AND FRIES PIG SKINS. THY GEEKDOM COME THEN I MUST ENLIGHTEN THEM! HEY, CHECK OUT THE COLONIZER. : TRES LENGUAS, POR FAVOR,

For the full history of The Long 2014, be sure to check out Know Your Meme's encyclopedia entry for more information.

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