Apple Vision Pro Is Extremely Heavy And Hurts Your Neck When You Wear It, According To Early Reviews And Memes

January 17th, 2024 - 1:13 PM EST by Aidan Walker

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A post on X about the weight of the Apple Vision Pro, and an official Apple promotional image.

The Apple Vision Pro mixed-reality headset is supposed to revolutionize computing by ushering in a new era of wearable devices, but this very high-tech piece of hardware apparently faces a rather low-tech problem.

According to early reviewers, it's simply too heavy.

Clocking in at just over one pound, some reported that putting on the wearable headset gave them a headache and a neck ache. This heaviness, in addition to its steep price tag of $3,499, has led to some doubts online about the future sales of the device.

Apple faces numerous, well-established rivals in the wearable tech and spatial computing space, particularly the Metaverse and its Meta Quest headset, which is lighter but has less computing power and lower resolution in its graphics.

Following these complaints from initial reviews for the device, many made memes on X / Twitter about the neck strength that would potentially be required for regular use of the Apple Vision Pro.

Often, new tech faces some speed bumps on the way to wide adoption. This is part of why companies do demos with journalists and test audiences like Apple currently is doing.

Some have mentioned that using a double strap over both the back and top of the head might make the device feel less heavy and lead to less neck strain.

Other features of the Apple Vision Pro, such as its computing power and the opportunity to use the environment surrounding a user as an interface, have been highly praised.

As the new wearable tech and spatial computing roll out, it remains to be seen whether people accept and enjoy the device or if it goes the way of Google Glass, which famously did not catch on in 2012.

It is possible that in order to optimally post, share and enjoy future memes, you should start doing neck workouts now to build strength and endurance in the crucial neck muscles that can keep the head upright and painlessly immersed in virtual reality.

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