George Santos Arrives On Cameo After Congressional Expulsion

December 4th, 2023 - 2:40 PM EST by Aidan Walker

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George Santos' Cameo and Congressional photo.

Like a cat dropped from high up, former Congressman George Santos appears to have landed on his feet by joining the celebrity video-sharing app Cameo.

The New York politician was expelled from Congress last week for a variety of corruption charges, making him only the sixth member in American history to be voted out. But what makes Santos special is that none of those other expelled members (three of whom were literally Confederates during the Civil War) are available to wish you or a loved one happy birthday in a personalized video for $200.

Santos has become a meme culture sensation during his brief tenure in Congress, particularly since myriad controversies have sprung up around him over the last several months.

The various scams he has been accused of running, which allegedly include using campaign funds to buy mature content on the internet and stealing the credit card information of the mother of another Republican member of Congress, have titillated and entertained millions of people who would otherwise have no reason to know or care who represented Long Island in Congress.

Originally, according to reporting from Wired journalist Makena Kelly, the Cameo videos Santos posted sold for $75.

Now, however, they cost $200. A staff member confirmed that the account was genuine, and Santos has since linked to it on his official X / Twitter profile.

Many were concerned about setting a "precedent" for removing members, leading Santos to win the first expulsion vote against him a month ago.

But Santos lost the second vote last Friday after members of his own party turned on him. About half of the Republicans in the House voted to save Santos, while the other half voted to kick him out.

Santos has vowed to keep fighting, accusing several other members of Congress of ethics violations via his X account this past weekend.

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