George Santos, Facing Expulsion Vote, Is Trying To Take Congress With Him

November 30th, 2023 - 11:27 AM EST by Adam Downer

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As George Santos spoke to the press today ahead of his expulsion vote, a garbage truck slowly and humorously passed behind him.

The era of George Santos may be nearing a chaotic close, as the Congressman faces an expulsion vote for myriad crimes but specifically using campaign donations to purchase luxury goods and subscriptions to a certain adult-content website.

As has become typical of the embattled Congressman, Santos is not going down without a fight, and in the potential death throes of his political career, he appears to be attempting to take as much of Congress down with him as he can.

The most literal member of Congress Santos is trying to take down is Jamaal Bowman, the New York Congressman who caused a bit of a fracas after pulling a fire alarm during a House vote. Bowman insisted the incident was an accident, but today, Santos promised he'd push a "privileged resolution" to expel Bowman for the act.

Santos also has been making a stink suggesting he has dirt on other Congresspeople. On Saturday, he said that Congress was rife with "felons galore" and implied some of his colleagues sold their vote and possibly bodies to the highest-bidding lobbyists.

George Santos' buckshot at Congress.

During today's press conference, Santos said he would not resign because he believes the motion to expel him is "bullying" and "political theater."

These antics have cemented Santos' reputation on social media as something of a messy congressperson who lives for drama, and online, posters are grabbing the proverbial popcorn watching the situation unfold.

George Santos and the trash truck Oh hey Liz

The vote to expel Santos, which should be held today, is believed to be an uphill battle for the beleaguered Congressman. It's unclear if the vote will largely fall along party lines, but some Republicans have already voiced their intent to vote Santos out, which, in the extremely divided House, is a bad sign for him.

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