'Palworld,' The Game That Basically Looks Like 'Pokémon With Guns,' Is Insisting It's Not A Scam

January 18th, 2024 - 12:58 PM EST by Adam Downer

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Palworld, a game whose 2021 trailer made it look like the core concept was "Pokémon with guns," has released a statement insisting that the game is not a scam, raising a lot of questions (seemingly) already answered by the statement.

On the game's Early Access Launch FAQs on Steam, developers Pocketpair addressed an apparent "FAQ" they have received.

Palworld Early Access FAQ

Normally, pre-launch FAQs don't need to carve out a space to assure players that the game coming out is both "Real" and "Not a Scam," but the question has dogged Pocketpair for months leading up to the game going into Early Access tomorrow.

Pocketpair's previous two games, Overdungeon and Craftopia have been accused of being "Abandonware" by some Steam reviewers, meaning they're cheap products a developer puts out in an unfinished state but never fixes.

However, after lengthy periods of dev inactivity, both games recently received updates, quelling some players' fears about Pocketpair's reliability.

Others online have been miffed with Pocketpair for including designs that are not only extremely similar to existing Pokémon but also fan-made Fakemon which go uncredited.

Uncredited fakemon accusation Palworld similar pokemon designs

Still, the game has been spread around to some streamers, who seem to be having a decent time with it, lending credence to Pocketpair's claim that the game is "real." This has apparently brought joy to the game's developers, some of whom have tweeted relief that players are "realizing" the game is not a scam.

Apparently not a scam, according to devs

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