Dog Plays Video Game Very Fast At AGDQ

January 17th, 2024 - 1:24 PM EST by Adam Downer

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Peanut Butter the dog at AGDQ speedrunning the game Gyromite.

The year of incredible achievements in video games continues: Just weeks after a 13-year-old became the first human in history to beat Tetris, a dog has played a video game really quickly.

That dog is Peanut Butter, a Shiba Inu owned by human speedrunner JSR_, who appeared at AGDQ (Awesome Games Done Quick) to speedrun Gyromite, an NES title that also is the origin of Super Smash Brothers fighter R.O.B.

In 1985, Gyromite players controlled ROB, who "played" the game by pressing various buttons to help Professor Hector move through a level. In this run, ROB is replaced by Peanut Butter, who presses the necessary buttons on a custom-made controller at the commands of JSR_.

Peanut Butter ended the run at 26:34, about a minute off his personal best and two minutes off the human-set world record. JSR_ said it took about a year of training to get Peanut Butter ready to speedrun Gyromite.

As one might imagine, "speedrunning dog" was a hit among gamers and memers on social media, and Peanut Butter's AGDQ appearance elicited cheers and memes from the community.

I sleep, real? meme about peanut butter dog Dog assisted speedrun

Peanut Butter currently holds the world record for a dog playing Gyromite. His competition for the overall world record is TascoDLX, who may be, through no fault of his own, the most rooted-against world-record holder of all time.

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