Russian Police Are Reportedly Investigating The 'Skibidi Toilet' YouTube Series After Claims Of Its 'Detrimental Effect On Children'

January 17th, 2024 - 4:16 PM EST by Adam Downer

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Russian police are said to be investigating Skbidi Toilet and its creator.

You can only Skibidi for so long before the law takes notice.

That is the case in Russia, where police are investigating the popular YouTube video series Skibidi Toilet and its creator, Andrei Gerasimov, for the alleged detrimental effect the series could have on children.

Skibidi Toilet, as many memers are aware, is a nonsensical series driven largely by singing heads moving around in toilets.

It has spawned dozens of spinoff memes and has become a regular feature of Gen Z Slang Overload. Here is one such video that police will have to decide is detrimental to children in their investigation:

The news was reported by local Russian news outlet Regnum on Monday. The report came from a local Moscow resident, who also demanded Gerasimov be investigated.

"We received an appeal from a Moscow resident about the need to block video materials on the Internet in the form of short Skibidi Toilet films, which have a detrimental effect on children. After the appeal, the police began an investigation and appointed an employee who will collect materials on the application,” local authorities said (translated from Russian).

Skibidi Toilet is a national security threat

Skibidi Toilet is a wild internet series created in Source Filmmaker, which has long been the preferred animation platform for many goofy YouTubers. There are over 70 "episodes" of the series, each a few minutes long and sharing hundreds of millions of views between them.

Russian police will now reportedly have to digest all of that content to determine if the series will have a detrimental effect on children, though this may be an unfair method, as 150+ videos of Skibidi Toilet videos watched in succession would likely have a detrimental effect on anyone.

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