TikToker Noah Glenn Carter Raising Money After Childhood Home Burns To The Ground Raises Both Funds And Eyebrows

November 28th, 2023 - 12:07 PM EST by Phillip Hamilton

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An image of Noah Glenn Carter's house burning he shared to social media.

TikToker Noah Glenn Carter, a creator and influencer with over 8.4 million followers who's known for his amateur reporting on trends, drama and news, is raising money on GoFundMe after losing his childhood home to a fire sometime in the last few days.

On Monday, the TikToker posted a series of videos to his page, @noahglenncarter, in which he filmed his childhood home engulfed in flames. The caption on the first video read, "I was sleeping when this started. This was my childhood home." In the second video, he showed more angles of the fire and explained how he had to climb out his second-floor bedroom window to escape.

In the third video, Carter explained through tears how much the house meant to him. "I was homeschooled here," he said. He also described how he lost his "everything," including his newly bought PC, a Nintendo Switch and all of his filming equipment.

The videos have since gone viral, gaining over 15 million collective views in a single day.

@noahglenncarter My house burned to the ground today. #fire #house ♬ Tell Me Why I'm Waiting – Timmies/Shiloh

@noahglenncarter This doesnt feel real. #house #fire ♬ Very Sad – Enchan

@noahglenncarter I just lost everything in a house fire today #house #fire ♬ snowfall – Øneheart & reidenshi

@noahglenncarter Thank you for everything today #house #fire ♬ Daylight – David Kushner

Later that day, Carter then announced through another video that he had started a GoFundMe page to raise funds after the fire, with a $100,000 USD goal.

The campaign has quickly gained over $10,000 in under 24 hours. In the GoFundMe announcement video, Carter thanked his viewers for their positive comments.

However, not everyone has been so generous. Some of the top comments under the video are critical of Carter for starting a GoFundMe page at all. "Your a millionaire you got it," one user wrote in a comment with over 1,100 likes. "Nah 100k goal is wild," another comment with over 2,000 likes read. Another user said, "Wait but wouldn’t insurance cover the damages?"

Other content creators are also now weighing in on the situation. Some are coming to Carter's defense and linking to his GoFundMe page to help the cause, while others are reacting to the comments and debating whether or not it's appropriate for Carter to raise funds for his home.

One TikToker, in a video with over 40,000 views, highlighted the sentimental value of losing the home, saying some things "can never be replaced." The cause of the fire is currently unknown.

@officialasb I hope you’re okay @NoahGlennCarter ❤️ #noahglenncarter #fire #sad ♬ original sound – Andrew Barton

@ivangtv Noahglenncarter house burns down #tiktoker #famousperson #housefire #foryou ♬ Sad and lonely – MoppySound

@willplayzlsr These comments are cold man #housefire ♬ original sound – Will

@mansionofmoments NoahGlennCarter’s House Caught On Fire & People Are Upset At Him… #noahglenncarter #minecraft #minecraftparkour ♬ original sound – MansionOfMoments

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