YouTuber Verbalase Finally Reveals The Truth Behind The Viral '$50K Hazbin Hotel Animation' Video

January 22nd, 2024 - 4:07 PM EST by Zach Sweat

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YouTuber Verbalase responded to the recent internet phenomenon surrounding his "Hazbin Hotel" AMV.

After weeks of trending online, inspiring immense discourse, numerous memes and even two separate meme formats, YouTuber Verbalase has finally dropped a response to the viral $50K Hazbin Hotel AMV that's been seemingly everywhere online lately.

On Saturday, Verbalase released a video on his YouTube channel Verbal Ase under the title "Addressing Things" in which he discussed numerous aspects of the Hazbin Hotel animation, finally providing some context to its origins, as well as his reaction to everything over the last two weeks.

The response video opens with Verbalase thanking his audience and the support he received from fans amid what he referred to as "slander, defamation and allegations," in addition to acknowledging his statements amid the controversy and apologizing for anything that might've caused harm.

Continuing with previously unknown details about the Hazbin Hotel video, he noted that the project originally started in 2021 and was intended for a separate YouTube channel he was toying with that would be centered around a more mature and older audience. When it was finally finished in 2022, he made the separate channel, uploaded the video and marked it for 18+ viewers, but later deleted it, noting that he wanted to focus on other content and decided against it.

Explaining how it wound up online years later, he stated that the Hazbin Hotel AMV was later downloaded and reuploaded without his consent by an unnamed user, who eventually made it public on his birthday back on January 11th and tagged him in it. Toward the end, Verbalase reassured viewers that his main content, such as cartoon beatbox battles and puppet beatbox battles he's well-known for, would continue as he concluded by expressing love for his audience and a commitment to learning from his mistakes.

In the two days since, the response video has racked up over 152,000 views and garnered some reactions of its own, with some expressing that they felt it was a good response while others found it confusing that he even felt the need to apologize for it to begin with.

Many other reactions online have expressed a desire to know more about the rumored $50,000 price tag commonly attributed to the video and its memes, but Verbalase notably does not address this part of the story, so it remains unconfirmed.

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