William Knight Not Dead, Despite Death Hoax And His Posts Making Fans Think He Is

December 4th, 2023 - 3:22 PM EST by Adam Downer

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William Knight death hoax

Rumors of the death of William Knight, aka the "There Is No Such Thing As Coincidence" guy, have been greatly exaggerated, as the iconic TikToker is the subject of an ongoing death hoax despite A) being alive and B) spreading the hoax himself, though he may not have intended to.

Reactions to William Knight's "death"

Rumors of Knight's death may be the result of some issues with several commenters' media literacy, as the chief posts suggesting Knight had died come from Knight himself and are fairly obviously not death announcements.

Last week, Knight found a meme created on the Facebook page FeijoadaBot 1500, the page for a bot that generates memes by smashing together established templates and random, memey images.

The meme shows Dragon Ball character Vegeta crying over a coffin with a picture of Knight in the background. He also wrote, "It's so sad this guy drowned, he was kinda funny."

William Knight inadvertently starts the hoax

The quote was a bit odd, but the real rumors began yesterday after Knight posted a slideshow to TikTok that led off with a commenter saying the "It's so sad this guy drowned" comment (showing Knight was quoting that commenter in his earlier tweet), the Vegeta meme, and several images of him in his usual striking wear with black angel wings.

William Knight's concerning TikTok. William Knight's concerning TikTok.

Knight also advertised his guided meditation in the post, making it pretty clear he was having a laugh with some memes about his death that were made in jest.

Still, some commenters were concerned that perhaps Knight had lost his account and whoever was running it was announcing his death, albeit in a convoluted, unclear and insensitive way.

Rest assured, William Knight is not dead and the fact you are reading this now means you are energetically aligned with this message.

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