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15 Painful Experiences From The Job Search Process

Searching for a new job, a first job, or even a second job is never an easy or joyful process. The whole thing is stressful. From updating a resume, hoping it looks fine, to writing the tenth somewhat unnecessary cover letter of the day. There is a lot of hard work that goes into finding a good job. Beyond the whole process, jobs and the employers themselves can make it even worse. Maybe it's a terribly ignorant recruiter or just an environment that screams red flags. Overall, it's one of life's biggest necessary evils.

Even with the amount of places that are "short-staffed" and the bosses complaining that "no one wants to work" that doesn't seem to make a difference in the hiring. If somewhere is so short-staffed, why aren't they replying? To make the process a little easier and as a reminder that everyone goes through it, here are 15 painfully bad moments from Reddit user's experiences while searching for a job from /r/RecruitingH*ll.

Point Taken

目 Restaurant Cashier Sun Asian Kitchen 2: sunaslancnak.12.55pm It sounds like this is going to work out, and you will be an ideal candidate. The manager is very busy the rest of the week but has made himself fully available today. What time can you meet with him today? You. 12:58 pm I will have to see. Do you have the address to your location so that way I can determine the ETA? sunasianchadb. 1:00 pm I am not your mother and it is not my job to do everything for you. Please look up the address on your own You • 1:00 pm Excuse me? Well, find someone else, thank you. Sent

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How Nice

TODAY • 3rd 5:41 am Thank you for your interest in our position. It's easy to just push an "apply" button and fling your information to as many opportunities as possible. But with that ease comes a less effective outcome, and that's not what we're looking for. What we are interested in is people who actually read the job description and know they are a fit for this role. If you are a match, our post will resonate you and you'll naturally want to take the next steps. If you're just looking to get one more quick glance at your resume, congratulations! You got another glance! We hope you'll be able to land a killer job that way-it just won't work for us.

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Oopsie Reply

Phone interview with Thu Feb 1, 2024 1pm - 1:30pm (CST) W When Thu Feb 1, 2024 1pm - 1:30pm (CST) Where Microsoft Teams Meeting Recruiter Please dial into the conference number listed below. Thanks... • Hiring Manager Ⓒ He moves around a lot and we have a lot of other candidates so let's pass. ...

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Haha… Ha

The job is remote Remote Full-time It has great pay ie Bernie Bernie Bernie Berni $150,000/yr - $200,000/yr ie See how you compare to 3,377 applicants. om Ser Bernie Bernie OF TH OF TH nda OF T 776

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Recruiters when you tell them you're only motivated by money 6 276 12 comments • 1 repost

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Job Listings Be Like

Ryan Murphy. 3rd+ Engineering Manager at Yelp | Author @ The Software Engineering Times View my blog 3d Looking for a Junior 'Rockstar Astronaut Maverick' Developer Must have: - 16 years experience - Degree from Oxford or Cambridge - Personally overseen the final code merge of the Mars Rover - Be able to traverse a binary tree - A signed blessing from Steve Jobs What you get in return: - Work hard play hard culture - 6 month unpaid internship with the possibility of a full time contract - Two free beers on Friday - Free fruit - 2 slices of free pizza every quarter 63,842 Like Comment 327 comments + Follow Repost . 61 reposts Send

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Oh, Okay

Hello, We regret to inform you that your current qualifications do not match those needed for our current openings. Unfortunately, it turned out that the client wanted a female employee for this role. We will retain your resume and if a position opens that closely matches your skill set, we will contact you at that time. Thanks again for your interest in employment at Best Regards,

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When you see the companies you applied to two months ago repost the job posting INTERESTING.

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and unfortunately, we don't see any opportunities to invite you for an interview. Although I've never read such an incomplete, non- ambitious letter and CV, I really wish you the best of luck finding a job in Amsterdam. Kind Regards,

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Hey, What?

Quality Assurance Analyst Servy and affiliates Houston, TX S Apply 1 day ago $ 50K-80K a year Full-time No degree mentioned Health insurance Job highlights Identified by Google from the Qualifications She loves traveling home to Jamaica and seeks out Jamaican food whenever she can Hes a big fan of wild game, his favorite food being elk

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>There is a labor shortage >Apply for job >Not hiring @Sundaeys

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Sounds Safe

Please provide your social security number for employment verification purposes. (optional)

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"Thank you for your interest in our job opening!" "Unfortunately, we have decided to pursue other candidates." Ma

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Additional Preferred Skills: • Experience in conducting technical training sessions. • Familiarity with industry standards and best practices in metrology. Why People Love Working Here (The Perks): • Full Sales and Industry Training Provided - Career Mentoring/Extensive Training/Career Development • Hybrid and remote working opportunities Comprehensive benefits . Matching contributions for retirement program-after 1 year • Fully stocked Kitchen (Toronto location) • On-site gym (Toronto location) Meaningful work and opportunities for career growth Furry friendly office Fard time eft siek/personal days Business Casual dress .Referral bonuses • Fun team events and more!

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Mass Applying

We've decided to move forward with other candidates I don't even know who you are

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