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15 People Not Realizing They're Talking To The Experts

Normally when someone asks the question "don't you know who I am?" it comes across as pretentious and snotty. Sometimes though the question is absolutely warranted, especially online when people do not actually know who they are talking to. These days everyone has social media, so who is going to see your posts is really up in the air, it could be anyone. That's why making claims and criticisms can be risky if you aren't 100% certain about it, because the real expert could be right in front of you. That's what happened to these unfortunate folks.

The people on Reddit's /r/dontyouknowwhoiam found themselves caught in some pretty awkward scenarios where they were talking to an expert or celebrity and they didn't know it. Is it awkward? Yes, but it is also very entertaining to see these people get absolutely obliterated by the correction they receive. Here are 15 unfortunate people who just didn't realize who they were talking to.

Yeah that checks out

r/aviation Х 9 people are here Q 20 Just saw three c-130s in a single file line on approach to land, and the second plane had to hav... Dunsith 3h C-130J I'm sorry, did you say MC-130s are mostly flying in formation? In what world do you live in! 33 bullitt225 2h The one where I flew them for a living. If you're thinking MC-130E/H, those were mostly single ship for specific reasons. And those are now all retired. 63

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Womp womp

6 shares Top comments Andy Frazer Top contributor Please credit the artist. 4 h Like Reply Roberto Rodríguez Top contributor Andy Frazer unknown artist mdf!! 22 m Like Reply Andy Frazer The artist isn't "unknown". The artist is ME. Just now Like Reply 1 b

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He did not

The Dread duck Pirate Mar... 13h: There are plans and things in motion. I'd like this to be an officially sanctioned Marvel release. Stuff is happening one way or the other O Skill (As Seen On X) @n... 13h Replying to @MarkBrooksArt Will you be selling the full-size 200 inch print in your Etsy shop (assuming you have an Etsy shop)? 12 275 227 13.5K Follow Replying to @MarkBrooksArt Girly there is not way in h Marvel is gonna let you, but we all want to buy your prints on Etsy either way. Let us buy it high def! 11:17 14 Jun 24 22.7K Views 1 Quote 4 Likes 27 ☐ The Dread duck Pirate Mar.... 8h Replying to You know I work for Marvel, right? Q1 83 Ill 2.4K

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onprinterwifi 9h hey this is just a cruelty squad ripoff Reply villecallio 24 m • Author @onprinterwifi i literally made cruelty squad Reply 25 25

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That's embarrassing

Uday @UDAYSAKHARE2.12h What are the best Paul Graham essay's to read? recommendation please 19 95 ili 73.5K ↑ 175 @paulg.11h Paul Graham Try Cities and Ambition, How to Do Great Work, and How to Write Usefully. 39 1756 1,141 ılı 86.1K ↑ Panama Joe @Crypto_Sunrise Have you actually read those? 9:47 AM 9/25/23 from Earth 8,250 Views 1 Repost 55 Likes 1 Bookmark 17 Paul Graham 企 @paulg.5h Yes, I've read all three. 2 27 52 ill 832 <<] ↑

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9:01 Reels .. LTE 39 Comments hellosloani 2d. by author this video was stolen from Mariepax on tiktok 589 likes Reply Vi vious reply mariepaxi 2 Dani walking to the police station to turn myself in.... 702 likes Reply View 8 more replies

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So close

11:28 Comments LTE+ 42% ↓↑ Follow 19h I train my abs in mainly 2 ways, planks and compression. Let me know... more hear me out... Reply 11h Pinned 391 10h he's married 68 and has a baby otw (1) Reply his wife Reply Reply h On that's 146

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He's the director

David F. Sandberg @... 30 Mar 21: Replying to @shaymus_ Sounds like a Mandela effect thing. It was never in the finished movie, we cut it since the end was dragging. It was only included as a deleted scene. 25 2774 576 h Former Optimist @tech8817 Replying to @ponysmasher and @shaymus_ Nope it was in the movie, definitely not a mandela effect Infact i remember discussing with my friend who is the 7th seat for and what will it mean for future story lines It could be different regions could have presented movie differently 16:30 31 Mar 21

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Not in that way, lady

■ll Verizon 5:05 PM * 10% Tweet Lizzie Simmonds @LizzieSimmonds1 Lady in public lane: you're very good at swimming you know.. Me: erm, thanks Lady: no seriously, you should try and do a trial with the county club! Me: erm, well I actually went to a couple of Olympics.. Lady: me too! Which sports did you get manage to get tickets for? Tweet your reply

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So much fun

Eric Berger @SciGuySpace. 3h It's not been a great 2023 for US small launch companies so far. Let's hope Rocket Lab puts that right in about 10 minutes. 18 13 4 364 ill 24,4 mil 1 Karim Hanania @KarimHanania 41 min Em resposta a @SciGuySpace Not US rocket company. It is from New Zealand. 1 27 Eric Berger ✔ @SciGuySpace 39 min Em resposta a @KarimHanania AID 110 1 +] ROCKET L Rocket Lab | About Us | Rocket Lab Our mission is to remove the barriers to commercial space we face with traditional rocket systems. 1 23 4 ul 121 ↑ Pedro Pallotta - Space Orbit @PallottaPedro Em resposta a @SciGuySpace e @KarimHanania It is so fun when someone try to teach one of the main specialists on space business about Rocket Lab country of origin Traduzir Tweet 11:19 PM 24 de jan de 2023 54 Visualizações

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The orbital police

× Elon Musk @elonmusk-5h My car is currently orbiting Mars 687 7616 Jonathan McDowell 6438 ↑ @planet....3h Well, no. It's orbiting the Sun, and occasionally passes the orbit of Mars. Not the same thing. 49 14 655 ↑ Alonso @TGT_OAR-3h Who died and made you the orbital police? 1 27 3 ↑ @galopujacy_jez Jonathan McDowell @planet4589 Replying to @TGT_OAR @elonmusk and @muratpak Johannes Kepler.

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There's your source

Cynthia o @MooMooHippos • 1d Now, serious question; will the console verison get the same attention put into it as the PC verison? Loved Payday 2 but the console verison was buggy and didn't even have the whole story... 24,3K 11 271 127 企 Tobias Sjögren @tobiassjogren. 1d With PAYDAY 3 yes thanks to using Unreal engine this time around Ilil 6 342 6 173 140 企 @DroopyBot Replying to @tobiassjogren @PAYDAYGame and @MooMooHippos Source? 02:33 2023-01-02 Ill 277 27 Tobias Sjögren @tobiassjogren - 15h Replying to @DroopyBot @PAYDAYGame and @MooMooHippos I am the CEO of Starbreeze Ill 369 Q 1 17 23 ↑

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Weather man

wow Haha. foxhunter +4⚫ 1h Just watch out for these weather Apps, kids. That 36 degree high is at midnight, and when you wake up on Friday it will probably be more like 10 degrees - any snow already come and gone. TQ224.51m This is not an accurate statement. wow wow foxhunter +4 • 26m Reply ☆ 4 Vote Which part exactly? I have a degree in Meteorology, work as a professional in the area, and I'm citing the National Weather Service office out of Morristown. Vote

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Weird thing to argue

་ 1793 comments afghans are beautiful but bro the vast majority don't have coloured eyes 3d Reply ☑ if u go to afghanistan maybe 2-3% of the ppl there will have the "classic" green eyes 3d Reply I dont think you've been to Afghanistan eyes there 12h Reply 85% have colored i ... was born there. can most certainly confirm that no, the majority have dark eyes. 5m Reply C

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Thanks, Tom

56 Jessica Simor KC • @... 19/09/2020 Excellent but watch the documentary. 4 179 Tom Harwood 1,205 ↑ @tom... 19/09/2020 Weird of you to reply to a tweet of mine professing an all seeing eye on US politics. and constitutional affairs off the back of watching one documentary. Maybe try doing a degree in it and working there for four months. Helped my understanding is all • 311 ปี 121 77 ↑ Jessica Simor KC @JMPSimor Replying to @tomhfh I'm a constitutional lawyer Tom. 23:47 19/09/2020 Twitter Web App 3,238 Retweets 1,283 Quote Tweets 31.5K Likes 17 & ↑, **

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